Name Janine Ridge
Job Title Principal Technician, MA Ground Floor Services
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School Of Pharmacy
Subject(s) Pharmacy Practice
Tel 01902 322773


I qualified as a Pharmacy Technician in 2001, with my training centred in an acute general hospital pharmacy. I gained in-depth knowledge and experience of in-patient, out-patient and take-home medication dispensing, as well as ward supply, stock control and extemporaneous dispensing of medicines.  I qualified as an Accredited Checking Technician in 2006 which led to a higher level of responsibility within the dispensary environment and beyond.  I spent several years within an Aseptic Unit, transcribing chemotherapy prescriptions, and preparing and manipulating cytotoxic medication for IV and intrathecal use.

As a GPhC-registered Pharmacy Technician, I support academic staff with the teaching, assessment and preparation of materials for various teaching strands within the MPharm course.



Hospital pharmacy, aseptic preparation and dispensing

Registered Pharmacy Technician with the GPhC