Name Dr Hana Morrissey
Job Title Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy Practice
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Pharmacy
Subject(s) Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmacy
Tel 01902 322815


Hana Morrissey is a senior lecturer in pharmacy. She is a registered clinical pharmacist by the Australian Pharmacy Board, accredited by the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacists and a fellow of the Australian College of Pharmacy Practice. She has extensive military and civilian management experience and has been registered as a pharmacist in Australia since 1982. Hana completed Bachelor of Pharmacy at Tanta University, Egypt, and completed a PhD in 2014 at Charles Darwin University.
Hana has seven post graduate diplomas, thirteen practice certificates in clinical pharmacy, management and teaching from Australian universities. She is accredited for home medication management review and is a mental health instructor for adults and youth.
Prior to her employment at Wolverhampton, Hana was a senior lecturer at Charles Sturt University then Charles Darwin University. After 20 years in the Australian Regular Army she moved to the Australian Reserve. She also was the chief pharmacist in Justice Health NSW, chief pharmacists in 1st Field Hospital NSW, officer commanding and contract manager in Defence National Storage and Distribution Centre – Medical and Dental NSW, staff officer for Health Logistics in Headquarters Joint Operation Command NSW Australia. She worked as a pharmacist in Campbelltown Hospital NSW, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA and Royal Darwin Hospital in NT Australia. She owned her pharmacy in Roxby Downs Pharmacy, SA and worked as locum pharmacist in Amcal Max Darwin NT.

Hana gained Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy-Primary Pharmacy Care and Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy-Pharmacotherapeutics from the Australian Collage of Pharmacy Practice, Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Pharmacy Administration and Management from the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia, Fellowship in Clinical Pharmacy from the Australian College of Pharmacy Practice, Post Graduate Diploma in Wound Care from Monash University, Certificate in Emergency Disaster Response from University of Queensland, Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health and the Community from Monash University, Post Graduate Diploma in Agriculture Health and medicine from Deakin University, Doctor of Philosophy in pharmacist role in chronic disease management from Charles Darwin University and Diploma of Management from the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. She has practice Certificates in Allergy, Diabetes, Asthma, Dermatology, Nutrition, Eye Care, Men’s Health, Geriatrics, Sports Medicine, Medication Management, Cardiovascular, Mental Health and Women’s Health. Hana also completed Certificate IV in teaching and assessment from Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.
Hana Has other Military qualifications in leadership, management, human resources, finance and health logistics.


Experience in Industry

In addition to the role as senior lecture for 7 years Hana was:
The Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Engineering, Health, Science and Environment, at Charles Darwin University, Australia – seconded for 15 months (3 Dec 14 – 15 Feb 16).
The Chair of Chair of school of Psychological and clinical sciences of Learning and Teaching committee, at Charles Darwin University, Australia - seconded for 40 months (3 Jul 13– 15 Sept 16).

Pharmacists Consultant for Home medication reviews
Pharmacist in Charge Amcal Max community pharmacy part time
Clinical Pharmacist Royal Darwin Hospital - Dispensary
Pharmacists Consultant – Australian Pharmaceutical Society NSW
Pharmacists Consultant – Australian College of Pharmacy
Chief Pharmacist – Justice Health NSW – Corrective Services NSW
Pharmacist / casual - Macarthur health services, Campbelltown Hospital
Pharmacist, Hampstead Centre and Royal Adelaide Hospital SA
Pharmacy owner, pharmacist, Roxby Downs Pharmacy SA
Pharmacist, Flinders Medical Centre, Bedford Park, Adelaide, SA
Pharmacist, Carrig Chemist, Noarlunga, Adelaide, SA
Pharmacist, Riyadh Central Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Pharmacist, Maternity and Children Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Pharmacist in charge, Elshafie Pharmacy, Egypt
Pharmacist, Banha University Hospital, Egypt

Australian Army (Rank of Major):
Staff Officer Local Capability Manager and Sustainment – Australian Defence Force Army Joint Health Command ACT
Officer commanding and Contract manager Defence National Storage and Distribution Centre – Medical and Dental NSW
SO2 Health Logistic, Headquarters Joint Operation Command ACT
Operations Officer, Defence National Storage and Distribution Centre (DNSDC) NSW
Army Liaison Officer, Randwick Logistic Company NSW
Chief Pharmacists (Officer in Charge), 1st Field Hospital NSW
Current - Australian Army Stand-by Reserve

Further Information

2011 Algeos Australia, $450
2011 EyeCare Plus, $200
2011 NSW Pharmacy Guild - $15,000 Chronic Disease Management
2011 Omron Australia, - $2100
2011 Roche Point of Care - $2100
2011 The Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association - $1200
2012 Society of Hospital Pharmacy of Australia - $5,000
2013 Lilly, $1000
2013 Sanofi, $1000
2014 Baxter Health Care, $1000
2014 Conference grant, Palliative Care Undergraduate Curriculum $5000
2014 Menzies Institute, collaborate research $5000
2014 Rotary Health, Community forum $10,000
2014-2015 MHFA medical and nursing students courses $12,000
2013-2016 MHFA courses generated income $20,000
2015 Charles Darwin University travel grant $2500
2015 Federation of International Pharmacists $1500
2015 Ruhuna University, $35,000
2015 CDU innovation grant, $10,000
2015 Baxter Health Care, $1000
2015 PSA SA, scholarship for Diploma of management, $5000
2016 Ruhuna University, $35,000

Hana supervised and continue to supervise number of undergraduate projects, Honours, Masters by Research and PhD Candidates.
Current Research
1. The role of community pharmacists in chronic disease management (My PhD topic)
2. Undergraduate Vaccination Training Program for Pharmacy Students: Development and Validation (Graduated)
3. Comparison of relapse rates of depot and oral antipsychotics in patients with schizophrenia (Graduated).
4. Risk prediction of hyponatremia in patients hospitalised from heart failure (submitted for examination)
5. Risk and Benefit of the Inclusion of Women, Children and Elderly in Clinical Trials (submitted for examination)
6. Consumer’s perception of the efficacy and tolerance of glucosamine in joint diseases.
7. Barriers to early detection of cognitive impairment in the elderly despite the availability of simple cognitive screening tools and the pharmacist’s role in early detection and referral
8. Evaluation of a developed lifestyle modification program for the reduction of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in rural Sri Lanka
9. Development and validation of a country-specific prediction tool to screen postmenopausal women for osteoporosis or high fracture risk
10. The impact of health education intervention on glycaemic control of type II diabetes patients among Sri Lankan population
11. Observational study: comparing the Clinical Outcomes and Safety of Enoxaparin fixed- and weight-based dosing in Obese Patients for Prophylaxis
12. Pharmaceuticals in the tropics: a quantitative study measuring changes in quality of the active ingredient and microbiological growth
13. Investigate the relationship between the Oxidative stress to the Dietary pattern, physical activities and medication history among the diabetes patients and to analyse progressive complications by monitoring HbA1c within those patients in NT (commenced)
14. Comparing complementary medicine manufactured from Australian grown plants and marketed in Australia to that from Indian origin marketed in India

1. Member of the Pharmaceutical Society NSW

2. Member of the Society of the Hospital Pharmacists of Australia VIC

3. Fellow of the Australian College of Pharmacy Practice ACT

4. Member of the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacists

5. Member of the Federation of International Pharmacists

6. Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society

7. Member of the Australian Collaborative Education Network

8. Member of the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association

9. Member of the Higher Education Academy – United Kingdom

10. Associate member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Association – United Kingdom 

11. Senior fellow of the higher education academy - SFHEA

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Book Chapter
Paton, D., Morrissey, H., Moss, S. Chapter 17: Responding To Critical Incidents And Disasters: Facilitating Resilience In High Risk – Professions, in Paton D. and Johnston, D. (Eds), Disaster Resilience: An Integrated Approach. 2nd Edition, 2017. SPRINGFIELD IL USA, CHARLES C THOMAS ISBN 978-0-398-09169-9