Name Dr Daron Fincham
Job Title Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Pharmacy
Subject(s) Biochemistry
Tel 01902 322130


Daron graduated from the University of Nottingham and then studied abroad for his MPhil and PhD at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  In 1988 he became a lecturer in  the Department of Biochemistry at the London Hospital Medical college teaching pre-clinical medical and dental students. 

In 1990 he joined Wolverhampton Polytechnic, which became the present day University of Wolverhampton in 1992.

His main areas of interest are physiological aspects of solute movement across cell membranes.

Membrane biochemistry in relation to solute movement and abiotic stress.

Stress tolerance in Aspergillus nidulans

Select publications

  • Wei, W., Bilsborrow, P.E., Hooley, P., Fincham, D.A. and Forster, B.P. (2001) Variation between two near isogenic barley (Hordeum vulgare) cultivars in expression of the B subunit of the vacuolar ATPase in response to salinity. Hereditas, 135, pp.227–231.
  • O’Neil, J.D., Bugno, M., Stanley, M.S., Woodcock, N.A., Clement, D.J., Clipson, N.J.W., Whitehead, M.P., Fincham, D.A. and Hooley, P. (2002) Cloning of a novel gene encoding a C2H2 zinc finger protein that alleviates sensitivity to abiotic stresses in Aspergillus nidulans. Mycological Research, 106, pp.491-498.
  • O’Mahony, R. J., Burns, A.T.H., Millam, S., Hooley, P. and Fincham, D.A. (2002) Isotropic growth of spores and salt tolerance inAspergillus nidulans. Mycological Research,. 106, pp.1480–1486.
  • Wei, W., Bilsborrow, P.E., Hooley, P., Fincham, D.A., Lombi, E. and Forster, B.P. (2003) Salinity induced differences in growth, ion distribution and partitioning in barley between the cultivar Maythorpe and its derived mutant Golden Promise. Plant and Soil, 250, pp.183–191.
  • Hooley, P., Fincham, D.A., Whitehead, M.P. and Clipson, N.J.W. (2003) Fungal Osmotolerance (Review) Advances in Applied Microbiology, 53, pp.177-211.