School of Pharmacy Staff

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds with a mixture of skills and specialisms which ensure our body are a thorough representation of the pharmacy sector.

Lecturing staff are supported by a group of demonstrators who are available each lunchtime to aid students with their work and offer ‘drop in’ tutorial sessions to help with general student academic problems. A team of technicians offer specialist support to research and teaching activities in the subject group.

Our staff are actively engaged in research and are commited to the continued development of the Pharmaceutical society as a whole. Regularly attending conferences themselves, they are able to bring new skills and information back to the students, enriching and developing their own understanding of the field. We are proud to highlight a showcase of our research active staff and the various research activities we are active in.

Meet the staff delivering pharmacy education at the University of Wolverhampton:


NameSubject Area / ResponsibilityRoom No      

Tel Ext

+ 44 (0) 1902

Dr Steve Anderson Senior Lecturer - Pharmacology Course Co-leader  MA 122a 32 1127 EMAIL
Dr Angel Armesilla Reader in Molecular Pharmacology MA 228 32 2382 EMAIL

Dr Ayman Antoun Reyad

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology

MA 122a 32 2291 EMAIL
Dr Alison Astles Principal Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice MA 123 32 2534 EMAIL
Professor Patrick Ball Professor of Pharmacy MA135d 32 2173 EMAIL
Dr Colin Brown Principal Lecturer, Interim Head of the Wolverhampton School of Pharmacy  MA 123 32 3502 EMAIL
Dr Sarah Brown Demonstrator in Pharmacology MA 118a 32 1130 EMAIL
Dr Jan Daly Senior Lecturer Pharmacy Practice MA 106 32 1991 EMAIL
Dr Mike Daly Senior Lecturer - Hospital Pharmacy; Primary Care; Community Pharmacy MA 122a 32 2177 EMAIL
Dr Daron Fincham Senior Lecturer - Biochemistry MA 124 32 2130 EMAIL
David Gay Senior Lecturer -Community Pharmacy MA 106 32 1387 EMAIL
Abhishek Gupta Demonstrator in Physical Sciences; Overseas Pharmacist - Pharmaceutics; Pharmaceutical Chemistry MA 118 32 2673 EMAIL
Dr Mark Hewitt Senior Lecturer Pharmaceutics - Admissions Tutor for School of Pharmacy MA 106 321812 EMAIL
Alan Hindle Principal Pharmacist - MPharm Course Leader - Hospital Pharmacy; Primary Care; Community Pharmacy MA 123 32 2125 EMAIL
Dr Mark Honey Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry   32 2815 EMAIL
Professor John Howl Professor of Molecular Pharmacology MA 106 32 1131 EMAIL
Dr Sarah Jones Reader in Pharmacology MA 106a 32 2748 EMAIL
Dr Waseem Kaialy Senior Lecture in Pharmaceutics MA 123a 321139 EMAIL
Samaira Kauser Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice MA 123 51 8915 EMAIL
Michelle Key Senior Clinical Practice Lecturer in Experential Learning - Hospital Pharmacy MA 124a 32 2567 EMAIL
Dr Wan Li Low Lecturer in Pharmacy Science MA 122a 32 2178 EMAIL
Dr Claire Martin Senior Lecturer Pharmaceutics - BSc Pharmaceutical Science Course Leader MA 122a 32 2149 EMAIL
Dr Hana Morrissey

Reader in Clinical Pharmacy

MA 123

32 1383 EMAIL
Bal Mattu Pharmacy Technician - Community Pharmacy MA 008 32 2773 EMAIL
Alison Jayne Nicholls Boots Teacher Practitioner - Community Pharmacy MA 106a 32 2567 EMAIL
Emma Price Hospital Pharmacist Teacher Practitioner   5172 EMAIL
Dr Ayesha Rahman Senior Lecturer, GPhC Registrant - Pharmaceutical Microbiology; Community Pharmacy MA 124a 32 2347 EMAIL
Janine Ridge Pharmacy Technician - Hospital Pharmacy MA  008 32 2773  EMAIL
Professor James Tang Professor in Pharmaceutics - HND Pharmaceutical Science Course Leader MA 123 32 2080 EMAIL

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