me Pardeep Sud
Job Title Senior Lecturer
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject(s) Mathematics and Statistics
Tel 01902 51 8549



Pardeep is a lecturer in mathematics and statistics.


Prior to joining the University, Pardeep worked for a number of years as a research and development scientist in the natural gas industry.  This involved producing mathematical models of fluid flow and heat transfer processes, the design and development of new products for the industrial and commercial market and subsequent field testing of those products.  He also provided consulting expertise in gas powered air conditioning systems and in combined heat and power systems.


Pardeep also has several years’ experience in the actuarial profession, where he specialised in asset-liability modelling for defined benefit pension schemes, but also gained experience in defined contribution pensions and in life assurance products.

Pardeep teaches across a broad range of topic areas within the mathematics and statistics course portfolio, specialising in financial mathematics.

Pardeep is a member of the university’s Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group.  The following is a list of his recent publications:


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Member of the Institute of Physics.

Chartered Physicist.