Name Dr Liam Naughton
Job Title Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject(s) Mathematics
Tel 01902 321452

Liam Naughton

I am a lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Computer Science since March 2015. Prior to that I worked as the Coordinator of the Mathematics Support Centre at NUI, Galway. I also spent time there as a Contract lecturer. Before that, I was a postdoctoral researcher at NUI, Galway on the S.F.I. funded project "Computing Subgroups of Finite Groups".

Computational Group Theory, Permutation Groups, Burnside Rings & Tables of Marks. 

Computational group theory, mainly finite permutation groups. I'm especially interested in the table of marks of a finite group. I'm a maintainer of the GAP table of marks library Tomlib together with Gotz Pfeiffer. I’m interested in any mathematical problem with a computational flavour. My current research involves developing new algorithms to compute the table of marks of a finite group.


  1. Integer Sequences realized by the Subgroup pattern of the Symmetric Group, with G. Pfeiffer, J. Integer Seq. 16 (2013), no. 5, Article 13.5.8 , 23 pages
  2. Computing the Table of Marks of a Cyclic Extensions, with G. Pfeiffer, Math. Comp. 81 (2012)


  1. Tomlib, The GAP Table of Marks Library Version 1.2.6 2016.
  2. Comptom, A Collection of programs to compute the Table of Marks of A Cyclic Extension.
  3. CountingSubgroups, A Collection of programs to count subgroups of the symmetric group with different properties.


  1. Computing the Table of Marks of a Finite Group, PhD Thesis NUI Galway 2010.
  2. The Subgroups of the Symmetric Group on Thirteen Points, MSc Thesis NUI Galway 2006.