Name Dr Kevan Buckley
Job Title Head of Computer Science
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject(s) Mathematics and Computer Science
Tel 01902 321836

Kevan Buckley Image

Dr Buckley started out his academic career as a Computer Science Undergraduate at Teesside Polytechnic where he really enjoyed subjects such as programming, formal methods and compiler design. However, when he graduated he felt that he needed more experience in hardware so pursued an MSc in Systems Engineering at University of Wales, Cardiff, and elected to do as much robotics and control systems study as possible. This opened up the opportunity to stay for postgraduate research in applying artificial intelligence and optimisation techniques to geometry problems of the complex robotic manipulators used to service nuclear power stations.

Around the time of completing his PhD the Cardiff Manufacturing Engineering Centre was launched and Dr Buckley joined as a research associate working on a number of European funded projects supporting the technical Computer Science aspects of the work. After 3 years of postdoctoral work, he moved to the midlands and found a lectureship in Computer Science at Wolverhampton. In 2005, he was promoted to a Principal Lecturer and since the merger of the School of Computing and IT with the School of Engineering and Built Environment has been the Head of Learning and Teaching. He continues to teach Software Engineering related courses and is an active researcher in several areas.

  • Computer Programming
  • High Performance Computing
  • Computer Graphics
  • Machine Vision
  • Robotics
  • Computational Geometry
  • application of Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning to complex application domains
  • coursework generation software
  • Supporting the Statistical Cybermetrics Group on the EU funded CyberEmotions project, which involves capturing dialogue and discussions from social media (e.g. blogs, newsgroups and forums) and applying artificial intelligence techniques to perform sentiment classification, the results of which are fed into sub-projects hosted in 8 partner organisations throughout Europe.
  • Technology supported learning, focussing on technology for formative assessment, both in the classroom (using a mobile phone-based voting system) and outside the classroom (using an interactive web-based learning environment with an emphasis on computer generated formative assessment tasks and student monitoring).
  • Forensic science focussing on machine vision techniques for processing finger and palm prints, both at a microscopic level where prints from only a small part of a fingerprint (e.g. just one or two friction ridges) have been captured and at a crude level of detail where a whole palmprint has been captured, but only detail of flexion creases is visible. This work is being done in collaboration with The School of Applied Sciences and various external agencies with an interest in criminal justice or biometrics. Internal studentships have supported two postgraduate researchers, with other work being carried out without explicitly allocated resources.


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Selected Earlier publications (pre-2008)

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