Name Dr Gregory Epiphaniou
Job Title Reader in Cybersecurity and Commercial Director of WCRI
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject(s) Computer Science
Tel 01902 321416

Gregory Epiphaniou

Dr Gregory Epiphaniou


Dr Gregory has worked as cybersecurity consultant and trainer for QA Ltd with high engagement with several industry partners in Information security domains. He delivered a broad range of technical and bespoke certifications including but not limited to CISSP, CISMP, CEH and BCS. Gregory has also been a leading trainer and developer for bespoke Cyber Security programmes with a dedicated, strong team of experts and trainers in several technical domains in both offensive and defensive security. He has also contributed to a numerous public events and seminars around cybersecurity as a keynote speaker, course development and effective training both private and government bodies. He was holding a position as a senior lecturer in Cybersecurity at the University of Bedfordshire, and since Jan 2018, Gregory is an Associate Professor in Cybersecurity and Commercial director of the WCRI at the University of Wolverhampton.

Part of his current research activities are formalised around a research group in wireless communications with the main focus on crypto-key generation, exploiting the time-domain physical attributes of V-V channels. His main work revolves around models to be used in developing understanding, integration and identification of the key design parameters of the VANET communication system environment starting with the needs or requirements of the various stakeholders, including the End-User.

Gregory also has extensive academic experience in the embedding of the credible vocationally driven curriculum through creating continuous opportunities for outside speakers (derived from world-class centres of excellence) via a programme of MSc research seminars. He found this activity both personally enriching and suitably challenging. He has taught in many Universities both nationally and internationally a variety of areas related to Cybersecurity with over 50 international publications in journals, conference proceedings and author in several book chapters.

He holds several industry certifications around Information Security and worked with several government agencies including the MoD in Cybersecurity related projects. He currently holds a subject matter expert panel position in the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments and acts as a technical committee member for several scientific conferences in Information and network security.

Network Security Protocols

Authentication Protocols and Key establishment

VoIP Security

Proactive network Defence

Security and Privacy

V2V Secure communications

Anonymity Networks

Trust and security issues in Cloud

IoT Security

FHEA Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, 2012 -currently

FBCS Fellow of the British Computer Society, 2016 -Ongoing

CSTA Certified Security Testing Associate, 7 Safe, 2007

CEH Certified Ethical Hacker, EC-Council, 2007

IPTX IP-Telephony Express, Cisco CME (Training Certificate), 2006

MIEEE Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (2010 -current)

ELSEVIER distinguished reviewer in Journal of Computers & Security

IISP Institute of Information Security Professionals, Member, 2016 -Current

CISI Subject panel member in Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

Hamish Haughey, Gregory Epiphaniou, Haider Al-Khateeb, and Ali Dehghantanha, “An Adaptive Traffic Fingerprinting for Darknet Threat Intelligence" Chapter 8 in Cyber Threat Intelligence (Springer), Advances in Information Security series, Oct 2017 [in press].

Milda Petraityte, Ali Dehghantanha, Gregory Epiphaniou, “A Model for Android and iOS Applications Risk Calculation: CVSS Analysis and Enhancement Using Case-Control Studies" Chapter 6 in Cyber Threat Intelligence (Springer), Advances in Information Security series, Oct 2017.

Gregory Epiphaniou, Tim French, Haider Al-khateeb, Ali Dehghantanha and Hamid Jahankhani, “A Novel Anonymity Quantification and Preservation Model for UnderNet Relay Networks" Chapter 6 in (Springer) Communications in Computer and Information Science series, vol.630 2017.

Milda Petraityte, Ali Dehghantanha, Gregory Epiphaniou, “Mobile Phone Forensics: An Investigative Framework based on User Impulsivity and Secure Collaboration Errors" Chapter 6  in (Elsevier) Contemporary Digital Forensic Investigations of Cloud and Mobile Applications, 1 st Edition- 2017


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Epiphaniou, G. ; Maple, C.; Sant, P.; Safdar, G.; Effects of Iterative Block Ciphers on Quality of Experience for IPSec Enabled VoIP Calls, IET Information Security ,vol. 3 , no. 3 , pp141 -148

Selected Proceedings

Geraldine Lee, Gregory Epiphaniou and Carsten Maple, "Security and Privacy of Things: Regulatory Challenges and Gaps for the Secure Integration of Cyber-Physical Systems", 3rd  International Congress on Information and Communication Technology (ICICT 2018 )„ 27 -28  Feb. 2018 , Springer, London, UK. [in press]

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