Professor Andrew Pollard

Job Title Industrial Professor
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Engineering
Subject(s) Engineering
Tel 01902 321763


Prof Pollard is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer who started his career working at BAE Systems as a Production Engineer for Aerospace Composites. He then moved to the University of Salford to carry out research in the capability of composite materials in deep sea environments and afterwards joined GKN Technology where he was responsible for developing composite driveshafts, flexible couplings and leaf springs for Automotive and Wind Energy applications. He joined the University of Wolverhampton in 2003, becoming responsible for the Caparo Innovation Centre which delivers new product development support to inventors and companies. This work is carried out on a consultancy basis, in some instances part-funded by grants or under collaborative terms. Prof Pollard also has the role of Intellectual Property Manager for the University, responsible for safeguarding and exploitation of Intellectual Property developed at the University through patents, licensing, assignment and other formal agreements.

New Product Development – Prof Pollard leads the knowledge exchange team in the Faculty and is directly and personally involved in collaborative work with companies developing new products for market; involving CAD, engineering analysis, market research, competitor product analysis and intellectual property strategies.

Intellectual Property Rights – including the preparation of confidentiality agreements, licence agreements, assignment agreements, collaboration agreements. Prof Pollard has supervised PhD level research in the area of innovation and knowledge transfer.

Advanced Composite Materials – Prof Pollard is director and shareholder in an SME company that produces composite driveshaft couplings used in motorsport and wind energy applications. He has expertise in compression moulding and fatigue durability of composites.

SME Innovation Support – Prof Pollard leads the Innovation activity at the University in terms of bidding to LEP’s for Innovation axis funding. He is director for the Innovative Product Support Service, a £2.4m part ERDF funded project running from April 2016 to March 2019 which provides support to local SME’s to get their products to market, and includes delivery from partners at Aston University and Birmingham City University. In 2016 Prof Pollard was appointed to a European Commission funded role to represent the perspective of SME companies across Europe in the development of new harmonized standards being established under the Construction Products Regulations.

Advanced Composite Materials

Open Innovation and Invention

Chartered Engineer

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