Dr Wael Abdou

Job Title

Course Leader of MSc Advanced Technology

Management and MSc Manufacturing Engineering

Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Engineering
Subject(s) Mechanical Engineering
Tel 01902 321746

Wael Abdou image

Dr Wael Abdou joined the University of Wolverhampton in 2015 as a Lecturer in the school of Engineering. Dr Abdou has received his PhD from Heriot-Watt University in the area of the online condition monitoring of machinery with focus on the internal combustion engines. He also obtained his MSc degrees in mechanical engineering with research focus on studying the atmospheric emissions in thermal power stations.

He also obtained a postgraduate qualification for teaching in higher education in which a number several pedagogical studies have been carried out to develop and implement innovative methods to improve the learning experience of the students in the higher education.  

Dr Abdou has been involved in research and teaching in the higher education for more than eighteen years at different institutions in the UK and overseas, which enabled him to work with a broad range of higher educational systems. He worked across a broad range of roles including lectureship and research associate within these institutions.

He has active research work in the area of the Machinery Health Monitoring and the online condition monitoring of pulsatile flow. He has been actively involved in many multidisciplinary research projects, especially in bio-engineering research

Dr Abdou’s main area of research is the online condition monitoring applied to pulsatile flow, as in diesel engine injectors. The work is of a particular relevance to the oil and gas, automotive and aerospace industry in which condition monitoring is crucial for pipelines and machinery such as in large (e.g. marine) engines where there are big opportunities for fuel control, and even lubrication control, but it is also can be applied to a wide number of other applications/industries such as bioengineering technology for monitoring different fluid flow related problems and the joints interactions. This research is mainly of experimental nature using vibration measurements and surface condition monitoring techniques, especially Acoustic Emission. It involves a number of novel and cutting edge signal processing approaches as powerful diagnostic analysis tools for the dynamic behaviour of the rotating machinery and the quality of the fluid flow processes.

- Condition monitoring

- Non-destructive testing, especially in the area of Acoustic Emission technology

- Bio-engineering

- Thermal plant engineering and combustion

- Environmental Engineering and control of atmospheric emissions

- Fluid mechanics

-Signal processing

- FHEA, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

- MInstP, Member of the Institute of Physics

- MSET, Member of Society of Education and Training 

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