Dr Muhammad Khan

Job Title

Senior Lecturer in Engineering Management

Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Engineering
Subject(s) Engineering Management 
Tel 01902 321756

Dr Muhammad Khan

Dr Muhammad Khan is a dynamic researcher, educator and innovation consultant.

He holds a first-class honours Masters of Engineering (MEng) degree in Computer-Aided Mechanical Engineering from Kings College London and a PhD from Cranfield University. He has previously worked at BAE Systems and has collaborated with many organisations, including Rolls-Royce, Airbus, VW and Indesit to improve their design processes.


Dr Khan has gained an international reputation for his expertise in lean product development and set-based concurrent engineering, and has published several journal and conference papers related to his research.

  • Lean Thinking
  • Process Improvement
  • Lean Product Development
  • Managing the design process
  • Innovation Management
  • Product and Service Design
  • Project Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Knowledge Management
  • Design Strategies
  • Ethics for engineers & the impact of engineering
  • Customer Value
  • Lean Product Development
  • Set-Based Design/ Set-Based Concurrent Engineering (SBCE)
  • Design Thinking and Design Strategies
  • Process improvement in Engineering
  • Process improvement in other disciplines (e.g. Healthcare) 

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Articles (in-progress)


Khan, M. S., Al-Ashaab, A. and Shehab, E. (2018), “A set-based process model for lean product development”, Journal of Engineering Design.


Khan, M. S., Oyekan, J., Al-Ashaab, A. and Golob, M. (2018), “Developing a knowledge-shelf to support set-based design”, Journal of Engineering Informatics.