Name Dr Klaudio Bari
Job Title Principal Lecturer
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Engineering
Subject(s) Advanced Material Engineering 
Tel 01902 323845

Dr Klaudio Bari

Dr. Klaudio Bari, Principal Lecturer and academic lead for research and business operation at school of Engineering. Dr. Bari is a reviewer member in EPRSC funding panel in the field of high resolution X-ray tomography imaging. He has over 25 journal and conference publications in the field of material performance under harsh environment, design and optimisation of metallic and polymeric composite, X-ray tomography and multi-scale modelling of composite mechanics.

The experimental and numerical simulation of material failure in the automotive and aerospace industry. His fundamental research work has led to a better understanding to the distortion energy theory in high speed rotating components and their equivalent dynamics stresses under vibration. Recently, Dr. Bari has been appointed a research chair at Renishaw Plc for bone implant lattice structure manufactured using direct metal selective laser sintering 3d printers. Dr. Bari research is supported by leading software companies such as Ansys in explicit dynamic, star CCM+ in CFD, SolidWorks in structure analysis, Abaqus simulia in Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) 

Aerospace and automotive material selection

Forensic Engineering for failed engineering parts

Engineering Simulation using advanced FEA and CFD analysis

Mechanical testing of Engineering parts

CT scan and multi scale modelling  at micro and Nano structure

Chartered Engineering CEng

Fellow of IMECHE

Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Fellow of American Society for Metal

Fellow of German Academy for Higher Education

Listing of Recent Publications

K. Bari "Powder metallurgy of stainless steel in HIP manufacturing' Hot isostatic pressing conference in Sweden, session 2B, 9-13 June 2014.


T. Lowe, R.S. Bradley, S. Yue, K. Bari, J. Gelb, N. Rohbeck, JN-Turner, P.J. Withers "Microstructural analysis of TRISO Particles Using Multi-scale X-ray Computed Tomography, . Journal of Nuclear Materials Volume 461, June 2015, pp 29-36 


K. Bari, "Experimental and Simulation Analyses for synthetic and biodegradable impellers” advanced Material World Congress, conference proceedings , 31-Aug-2015


K.Bari, A.Rolfe, A.Christofi, C.Mazzuca, K.V.Sudhakar, (2017)," Forensic investigation of a failed connecting rod from Motorcycle Engine', Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis, Volume 9, October 2017, Pages 9-16,


K. Bari and S. Hasan(2017), Experimental and Simulation Performance for Fan Extraction System

Global Journal of Researchers in Engineering: D Aerospace Science

V.17, issue 2 version 1 2017, Online ISSN:2249-4596 Print ISSN:0975-5861