Name David Tucker
Job Title Principal Lecturer
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Engineering
Subject(s) Automotive Engineering & Motorsport Engineering
Tel 01902 322258


My career has taken me from a mechanical apprenticeship via a performance vehicle tuning company, to Audi road cars. While at Audi, during a press release day for a new car launch, I was introduced to Formula Palmer Audi and allowed to indulge my passion for motorsport by attending various race events as an Audi employee. This introduced me to the world of trackside motorsport.


Following my first degree I was lucky enough to get involved with engineering design for a number of companies, specifically in performance engine development and re-development optimisation, focusing upon engine conceptual design.


Following on from a variety of trackside & design office based projects I began working with a company as chief technical director, with a view to setting up a race championship for vehicles of a bespoke design. This work was concerned with the compliance of race cars to their respective regulations but primarily with the refinement of the overall design, where significant aerodynamic testing of the chassis & bodywork was concerned. This honed my enjoyment of aerodynamics.


Following postgraduate studies I continued to work with companies & individuals on engine design & optimisation projects along with aerodynamic projects of performance vehicles. Most challenging was a land-speed record vehicle, with particularly complex chassis & aero properties.


During this time I took part-time employment in education as a favour to a friend to teach engine development theory. This role grew into a full time position when I was asked to set up & establish motorsport engineering as a premise along with writing the necessary degrees.


I have consulted / continue to consult for a number of Universities on the compliance of their Formula Student cars as to the technical regulations & I am currently enjoying setting up Aerospace, Automotive & Motorsport engineering here at the University of Wolverhampton, along with running both the Formula Student project & Formula Renault race team.

  • Automotive; engine design & conceptual engine design
  • Motorsport; performance chassis set-up & design
  • General; aerospace propulsion & future technologies
  • Performance vehicle aerodynamic properties & enhancements 
  • Engine design – use of a scotch-yoke crankshaft to enable greater gas exchange through thermodynamic systems enhancement
  • Engine design – design & construction of a modular engine design to enable multiple units to be linked for varying applications
  • Engine design – development of a race engine piston design to promote in-cylinder turbulence for faster generation of combustible mixture of inlet gases
  • Chassis design – CAD / CFD simulation of existing race vehicle aerodynamics to enable optimisation of system in terms of downforce generation & drag reduction in adherence to on-track regulations
  • Chassis design – FEA & mathematical modelling of aerodynamic forces in terms of structural analysis of chassis / aero components
  • Chassis design – data-logging telemetry use for on-track chassis performance optimisation 
  • IMechE – Institute of Mechanical Engineers
  • Chartered Engineer [CEng]
  • Rotary valve drive train operation within performance gasoline engines
  • An Investigation into the performance of turbo-charger radial flow compressors
  • An Investigation into motorsport performance techniques – Aero & Chassis dynamics
  • Honorarium review of E.L. Houghton, Aerodynamics for engineers