Professor Chike F. Oduoza

Job Title Professor in Process and Manufacturing Engineering
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Engineering
Subject(s) Chemical and Manufacturing Engineering
Tel 01902 323944


Professor Oduoza officially joined the University of Wolverhampton from Exeter University on October 1, 2001 where he was a Lecturer in Chemical Engineering and Deputy Director MSc programme in Management Science. He has been a chartered engineer for over 20 years and a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers for 10 years. He was the UK Chairman of the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI), Electrochem Technology Group (2006-2010) and also a member of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Peer Review College (2005-). 


Professor Oduoza is External Examiner for MSc programmes in Chemical Engineering at Newcastle University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Teesside University, and regular PhD examiner for University of Manchester, Newcastle University and Cranfield University and MSc by Research Examiner for Cranfield University.


Professor Oduoza is the Coordinator of European Funded FP7 Consortium (RiMaCon) within Marie Curie Industry Academia Partnerships and Pathways. Other EU members belonging to the consortium are 14 researchers drawn from Industry and Academia; University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic, Vettorazzo, Padova, Venice, Italy and Computors, UK. The funding value is 921,000 euros and the project duration is four years (2013-2017). The theme of the project is the development of a risk management software system suitable for SMEs in the Construction sector. He has also won three research grants (PhD Studentship) from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in the category of Industry Case Awards.


Professor Oduoza was the Chairman and Conference convenor for Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM 2015) Conference 2015, which was hosted by the University of Wolverhampton. He is author and co-author of 125 publications and has supervised over 16 PhD theses.

Areas of Expertise

Chemical Separation Processes

Electroplating and Corrosion Analysis

Petroleum Chemistry and Refining

Risk Management Tools and Techniques

Manufacturing Processes and Technology

Sustainability and Life Cycle Engineering

Construction Project Management

Waste Treatment / Management

Technology Management

Research Interests


(a)    Research Interests in Chemical Engineering


Professor Oduoza’s research interest in Chemical Engineering encompasses pilot plant and reactor design, waste to energy processes for electricity generation (via incineration), heat and mass transfer reactions, electrodeposition and electroplating for corrosion protection and also aspects of advanced materials engineering. He has supervised PhDs on these topics and research carried out so far in these areas have generated journal papers, articles presented at international conferences, consultancy documents, books and book chapters and doctoral theses


(b)   Research Interests in Manufacturing Engineering


His other research interests are in Manufacturing Engineering addressing themes such as Process Continuous Improvement, Knowledge Management, Decision Systems, Performance Management, Just in Time Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Cost and Waste Minimisation, Renewable Energy Generation, Project Management and Process Improvement.  Overall, his research focuses on process optimisation and quality assurance while minimising on cost and waste. Research carried out so far has generated book chapters, doctoral theses, conference papers, consultancy documents and reports and many journal papers highlighting new models, and frameworks adopted by both researchers and small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). He is also interested in research involving operational risks and their management in a business environment.


(c)    EU Research project in Construction Project Management


His research interest in Construction Project Management focuses on Risk and Failure Analysis in the Construction Sector especially for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). Businesses in the 21st century are confronted by an enormous array of risks whose key drivers are global competition, rapid technological advancement, globalisation, the internet, deregulation, mergers and acquisition, downsizing and increasing consumer demands. Every enterprise, from the smallest micro-companies to largest multinationals are constantly facing exposure to all forms of risks (Financial, Technological, Competition, Intellectual Property Rights, Health and Safety, Legislation, Supply Chain, and Environmental) and, risk management plays a key role in reducing these to a reasonable and manageable level. This is crucial for SMEs because they do not possess the resources to manage and control risks due to level of business activity and other limitations. Consequently, small and medium size enterprises cannot afford risk management systems.


The focus of the project therefore, is to develop a cost-effective (affordable by SMEs), user-friendly risk management system in the form of software, capable of continuous assessment, which evaluates, monitors, and reviews both imminent and impending risk with a view to completely eliminate or minimise their impact.


He is currently extending this study to SMEs in the manufacturing sector.


Professional Affiliations

Chartered Engineer (1996)

Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (2006)

Society of Chemical Industry (1992)

Professor Oduoza has authored and co-authored  many papers in Chemical Processes and Manufacturing Engineering in high impact Journals.


Selected Journal Publications


(1) Musa T Zarmai, N.N. Ekere, C.F.Oduoza, and Emeka H Amalu (2016), Optimisation of Thermo- Mechanical

      Reliability of Solder Joints in Crystalline Solar Cell Assembly, Microelectronics  Reliability, 59, 117 – 125


(2) Deinsam D Ogan, Isaaka E Ndekugiri, Chike F Oduoza, Jamal M Khatib (2016),  Principles for Developing

      an Effective Framework to Control Minerals and Rocks,  Extraction Impacts,  Mitigate Waste, and

      Optimise Sustainable Quarries Management, Resources Policy, 47, 164-170


(3) Musa T Zarmai, N.N. Ekere, and Emeka H Amalu, C.F.Oduoza (2015), Effect of  Intermetallic  Compounds

      on Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of Lead Free Solder Joints in Solar Cell Assembly, International Journal

      of Mechanical Engineering, Volume 4, 2319 – 2259.


(4) Musa T Zarmai, N.N. Ekere, and Emeka H Amalu, C.F.Oduoza (2015) A review of

      Interconnection Technologies for Improved Crystalline Silicon Solar Voltaic Module  Assembly,  Applied

      Energy, 54,173-182


(5) Oduoza, C.F, Khan. M.E, Sihra, T, (2014),  Chromium Electroplating of Aluminium Alloys Using Electroless

      Nickel as Underlayer, Journal of Materials Science and Chemical  Engineering, 2, 59-74


(6) Odimabo, O.O and Oduoza, C.F (2013), Risk Assessment Framework for Building Construction Projects’ in

      Developing Countries, International Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 2(5): 143-



(7) P.G.Smith and C.F.Oduoza (2013), Development of a Web-based Tool to Sustain Continuous

      Improvement and Productivity in a Manufacturing Environment – A Case Study Approach Scientific

      Journal of Management Science and Engineering, Volume 3, Issue 4.


(8) Oduoza, C.F, and Harris, A,(2011) .Knowledge Management To Support Product Development in Cold

        Roll Forming Environment, International Journal for Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol 57, 585-



(9) Oduoza, C.F and Khan, M. E,(2011) Nickel Phosphorus Deposition on Pre-treated Aluminium

        Alloys During Immersion in Electroless Nickel Bath, Journal of Material Science and Engineering  A.1,



(10)  Handy, S.L and Oduoza, C.F(2011), An Investigation into Copper/Tin Alloy as an Underlying  Coating to

         Chromium, Journal of Material Science and Engineering, B 1,  410-420


(11) Oduoza, C.F., and Olowofela, H.O., (2010), Review of the Impact of green building concept on

        environmental sustainability in developing countries - a case study of India, Sustainability  (ISSN,  2071-

       1050 .


(12) Oduoza, C.F, and Xiong, M.H., (2009), A Decision Support System Framework to Process Customer

        Order Enquiries in SMEs, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 42, 398–



(13) Oduoza, C.F., (2008), Lean thinking Constraints in Traditional Batch Manufacturing Environments

        Advances in Production Engineering Management , Vol.3, 181–192.


(14) Oduoza, C.F., (2009), Strategy for Capacity Management of Batch Constrained Heat Treatment

        Operations in the Manufacture of Multi Product Families – International Journal of  Manufacturing

        Technology Management , Vol. 16, No.4, 398–416.


(15) Oduoza,C.F., (2009),  Reflections on Costing, Pricing and Income Measurement at UK Higher Educational

        Institutions- An empirical study of two academic disciplines in a HEI Journal of Higher Education Policy ,

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(16) Sandanayake, Y and Oduoza, C.F., (2009), Dynamic simulation for performance optimisation in just-in-

        time enabled manufacturing processes, International Journal of  Advanced Manufacturing Technology ,

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(17) Errasti, A, Oduoza, C.F., and Beach, R., (2009), Close Coupling Value Chain Functions  to Improve

        Subcontractor Manufacturing Performance - International Journal of Project  Management, Vol. 27,



Selected Conference Papers


(1) M.T Zarmai, N.N.Ekere, C.F.Oduoza and E.H. Amalu, Effect of Intermetallic Compound  Thickness on Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of Lead Free Solder Joints in Solar Cell Assembly, Asia- Pacific Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences,  25th -27th Aug,  2015


(2) Emeka Amalu, Nduka Ekere, Chike Oduoza and Musa Zarmai (2015) Evaluation of  thermo- Mechanical

      Reliability of Solder joints in Surface Mount resistor assembly, FAIM  2015, University of Wolverhampton,

      23rd -26th June


(3) Onengiyeofori Odimabo, Chike Oduoza and Subashini Suresh (2015) Critical Risk Factors  Affecting

      Building Construction Project in Nigeria- An Empirical Study, FAIM 2015, University of  Wolverhampton,

      23rd – 26th June


(4) M.T. Zarmai, N.N.Ekere, C.F.Oduoza and E.H. Amalu, Effect of Intermetallic Compounds on Thermo-

     Mechanical Reliability of Lead Free Solder Joints in Solar Cell Assembly, TechConnect World Innovation

     Conference and Expo, Washington, DC, 14th -17th June,  2015


(5) Emeka Ojijiagwo, Chike Oduoza and Nwabueze Emekwuru(2015), Gas-To-Wire As a Way Of Bridging The

      Energy Gap In A Developing Country, FAIM 2015, University of Wolverhampton,  23rd  – 26th June


(6) Musa Zarmai, Ndy Ekere, Chike Oduoza and Emeka Amalu (2015) Thermo-mechanical reliability of lead-

      free solder joints in solar cell assembly, FAIM 2015, University of  Wolverhampton, 23rd – 26th June


(7) Subashini Suresh and Chike F Oduoza (2015) Key challenges to embed Knowledge capture initiatives for

      health and safety risk management systems in Construction SMEs   – A case study, Accepted for

      Presentation at COBRA Conference, Sydney Australia, 8th   – 10th July, 2015


(8) Charlson, J, and Oduoza, C.F.(2014), Legal Risk Identification for SMEs in the Construction Industry”

      ARCOM 2014 (Association of Researchers in the Construction  Management),  Portsmouth, 1st to 3rd

      September 2014


(9) Odimabo, O.O  and Oduoza, C.F (2014) .Methodology for Project RIsk Assessment Using Bayesian Belief

      Network in Engineering Construction Projects, FAIM 2014, – 23rd  May, University, of Texas, San Antonio


(10) Famodimu, H.O, Stanford, M, Zhang, L, Oduoza, C.F. (2014), Selective Laser Melting of Aluminium Metal

        Matrix Composite, FAIM 2014, 20th – 23rd May, University of Texas,  San Antonio


(11) Smith, P.G and Oduoza, C.F, Development of a Web-based Tool to Sustain Continuous Improvement

        and Productivity in a Manufacturing Environment – A Case Study Approach  FAIM  2014, 20th – 23rd May,

        University of Texas, San Antonio


(12) Ojijiagwo, E and C.F.Oduoza, (2014) The Economics of Gas Flaring in Oil and Gas Processing

        Environments: A Case Study of Electric Power Station in a Developing Country,  FAIM 2014, 20th – 23rd

        May, University of Texas, San Antonio


(13) Oduoza, C.F and Khan, M.E (2013), Chromium Electroplating of Selected Aluminium Alloys,

        Electrochem, 2013, 1st -3rd Sept., 2013, Southampton University.


(14) Oduoza, C.F. and Odimabo O (2013), Risk Assessment to Improve Management of Building  Projects in

        Construction firms, 6th Ajman International Urban Planning Conference, City and Security, Ajman,  18th

        –21st March, 2013,


(15) Oduoza, C.F. and Smith, P.G (2012), Web based Tool to Sustain Continuous Improvement and

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(16) Oduoza, C.F. and Harris, A, (2011), Knowledge Based Framework to Support Product Development in a

        Manufacturing Environment, International Conference on Adaptive Science & Technology (ICAST), 3rd

        IEEE ICAST'2011 Conference 24th - 26th   November 2011, Abuja


(17) Sandanayake, Y.G, Konara, K.M.G.K, and Oduoza, C.F (2011), Framework for Multidimensional

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(18) Oduoza, C.F. and Harris A (2011), Decision Support for Product Development During Cold Roll Forming,

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(19) Oduoza, C.F and  M. E. Khan (2010), Electroless and Electrochemically Deposited Nickel as Under layer

        for Chromium Plating of Aluminium Alloys, Electrochem 2010, University of Wolverhampton, Telford



(20) Handy, S.L and  Oduoza, C.F (2010), An investigation into bronze being a substitute for Nickel in the

        chromium electroplating process, Electrochem2010, University of Wolverhampton.


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(23) Oduoza, C.F. and  M.E.Khan., (2010),  Nickel undercoat to Improve Chromium Electrodeposition of

        Aluminium Alloys, Presentation at 8th Spring Meeting of  International Society of Electrochemistry,

       Columbus, Ohio, 2–5th May.


(24) Handy, S.L.and Oduoza, C.F., (2010), White Bronze Plating as a Possible Substitute for Nickel  in

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(25) Smith, P, Oduoza, C.F, and Barber., K.D (2010), Continuous Improvement Tools that  Could Improve

        Productivity in Manufacturing SMEs; Presentation at Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing

        Conference, San Francisco.


(26) Sandanayake, Y.G., and Oduoza, C.F., (2010), A Multi-Dimensional Model for Performance Evaluation in

        the Construction Industry; Presentation at Flexible  Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing

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(27) Oduoza, C.F, Harris, A., and Al-Ashaab, A., (2010),  Knowledge Management Framework to  Improve

        Product Development in a Manufacturing Environment, Presentation at Flexible Automation and

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Selected book/editorial/chapter publications:

•          Guest Editor: Special Issue of FAIM 2015 published in International Journal of Advanced

            Manufacturing Technology


•          Guest Editor: Special Issue of FAIM 2015 published in Robotics and Computer Integrated



•             Editor :  Risk Management; Guide to Researchers and Business Managers           


•             Editor;  Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing Conference (FAIM 2015),

                          Book of Proceedings, 23rd - 26th June, 2015, University of Wolverhampton,

                          Volume One, Pg. 1 -  661: ISBN 978-1-910864-00-5

                          Volume Two: Pg. 1 -  553: ISBN 978-1-910864-01-2


•             Book Chapter: Decision support system for knowledge management during order

                                          enquiry, Chapter 19, pg. 335-358, 2010,  ISBN: 978-953-7619-64-0


•             Book Chapter: Concurrent Engineering/Supply Management Principles Implementation by

                                    Subcontractors in the Construction Industry in” Construction Materials and

                                    Engineering” pg. 193-204, 2011, 978-1-61761-406-6.


•             Book:           A Decision Support for Product Development, C.F.Oduoza and Alan Harris,

                                    Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN: 978-3-8443-8883-1, 2011


Examples of Recently Completed PhD Programmes

(1) Jianxi Cheng  - Impact of Strategic Decisions on the Satisfaction of Construction Clients (University of

     Wolverhampton, 2008) PhD.

(2) Yasangika Sandanayake – Development of  a Model for Performance Measurement in Just-in-Time

      Enabled Manufacturing Environments  (University of Wolverhampton 2009) PhD.


(3) Alan Harris – Development of a Knowledge Management System for New Product Development

      (University of Wolverhampton, 2009) MPhil.


(4) Muhammad Enam Khan  -  Investigation of Electroless Nickel undercoat for Duplex Nickel Chromium

      Plating onto Aluminium and its  Alloys

      (University of Wolverhampton, 2009) MPhil.


(5) Stacey Handy – Systematic Evaluation of Methodologies for Decorative ChromiumPlating as a

      replacement for Nickel

     (University of Wolverhampton, 2013) PhD


(6) Nengi Odimabo – Risk Management  System to Guide Building  Construction Projects in Developing

     Countries: A Case Study of Nigeria

     (University of Wolverhampton, 2016) PhD


(7) Musa Zarmai - Modelling of Solder Interconnection’s Performance in Photovoltaic Modules for Reliability


     (University of Wolverhampton, 2016) PhD


(8) Zakaria Busheha –  Study critical factors affecting Libyan Tall Buildings Sustainability

       (University of Wolverhampton, 2016) PhD


(9) Helen Olowofela – An Investigation into the Rapid Manufacturing of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite

     developed through Mechanical Alloying

       (University of Wolverhampton, 2016) PhD



Examples of Potential PhD Programmes

(1) Sustainable Model to Manage Gas Flaring in Oil and Gas Processing Environment


(2) Sustainable Model to Improve Productivity in a Manufacturing Environment


(3) Knowledge Management framework to support decision making in a Production Environment


(4) Waste Management Framework for Solid Waste Management


(5) Life Cycle Assessment and Costing Framework to Manage Environmental Impacts from Pollution

     due to Oil Spillage.


(6) Process Safety and Operational Risk Management: Development of Risk Management System for Oil

      and Gas Industry.


(7) Conversion of lingo cellulosic biomass; Effects of pre-treatment on the process


(8) Process Safety Management in a Hazardous Chemical Process Industry


(9) Risk Management Software System for SMEs operating in the Oil and Gas Sector