Name Dr Peter Griffiths
Job Title Senior Lecturer in Anatomy & Developmental Physiology
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Sciences
Tel 01902 321172

Biomedical science

1978 – 1981         B.Sc. Honours (Zoology) 1981

Zoology Department, University of Aberystwyth, Wales.


Honours Thesis: Analysis by autoradiography of the chondrogenic pattern in the amphibian limb: a problem of development and evolution.


1981- 1984           Ph.D. 1987

Zoology Department, University of Aberystwyth, Wales.


Ph.D. Thesis: Analysis of the control of skeletal pattern formation and morphology by the Zone of Polarising Activity in chick limb bud morphogenesis.


1984 – 1985         PGCE 1985

Garnett College, Roehampton, London.


Dissertation: The Educational Value of Martial Arts Training.

Anatomy, Embryology, Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary Biology and Palaeontology

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Griffiths, P. J., Mazin, J., Billon-Bruyat, J.

The agility of small theropod dinosaurs: evidence from U. Jurassic trackways of Crayssac, France.

Submitted to Nature; currently under revision following review.


Hutchinson, J. R. & Griffiths, P. J.

On the accuracy of speed estimation from known human and animal stride lengths: relevance to fossil footprint studies.

Final stages of preparation. Proposed journal of submission: Palaeontology.


Griffiths, P. J., Buffetaut, E., Suteethorn, V., Tafforeau, P.

A Novel CT Technique for the 3D Visualisation of in ovo Embryos in X-ray Opaque Fossil Eggs.

In Preparation.