School of Biomedical Science & Physiology Staff


NameSubject Area / ResponsibilityRoom No

Tel Ext

+ 44 (0) 1902

Dr Gary Hix Head of the Wolverhampton School of Sciences MA 207a 32 2365 EMAIL
Dr Paul Barrow Senior Lecturer in Physiology MA 209b 32 2702 EMAIL
Dr Andrew Blann Visting Senior Lecturer   07788547896 EMAIL
Donna Brown Teaching Associate in Biomedical Science MA 118 32 1089 EMAIL
Dr Gillian Condé Head of Department (Biomedical Sciences and Physiology) MA 207b  32 1153  EMAIL
Kathryn Dudley Lecturer in Biomedical Science MA 208B 01902 321000 ext 5947 EMAIL
Dr Simon Dunmore Senior Lecturer in Clinical Biochemistry MA 209b 32 1128 EMAIL
Dr Janine Fletcher Senior Lecturer in Human & Clinical Physiology


32 2183 EMAIL
Dr Peter Griffiths Senior Lecturer in Anatomy & Developmental Physiology MA 209b 32 1172


Dr Paraskevi Goggolidou Senior Lecturer in Clinical Genetics MA 208 32 1152 EMAIL
Dr Wayne Heaselgrave Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science MA 209 32 2709 EMAIL
Dr Martin Khechara Senior Lecturer in Microbiology MA209 32 3538


Tamara Khalaf Graduate Teaching Assistant MA 209c  


Professor Paul Kirkham Senior Lecturer in Immunology MA 208   EMAIL
Jackie Laverty Senior Lecturer/Award Leader MA 209 32 3537 EMAIL
Dr Jan Martin  

Deputy Head of Department (Biomedical Sciences and Physiology) and

Principal Lecturer (PSRB)

 MA 206  32 1154


Tom Masters Teaching Associate in Physiology MA 118 32 2435 EMAIL
Dr Iain Nicholl  Senior Lecturer in Clinical Biochemistry & Genetics MA 208 32 1134 EMAIL
Dr Petula Nurse

Principal Lecturer in Biomedical Science

Head of STEM Outreach & Community Engagement

MA 206 32 1180 EMAIL
Dr Elizabeth O'Gara Principal Lecturer - Employability MA 208b 32 1394 EMAIL
Dr Shantha Perera Senior Lecturer in Immunology & Medical Microbiology MA 209b 32 1140 EMAIL
Dr Sara Smith Senior Lecturer/ Course Leader BSc Biomedical Science MA 209 32 1149 EMAIL
Jenny Tonkinson-Hoare

Senior Lecturer Practitioner in Cardiac Physiology

MA 209b 32 2157 EMAIL
Paula-Jayne Slater Cardiology Lecturer Practitioner   32 2157 EMAIL
Dr James Vickers Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science MA 208b  32 1136 EMAIL
Joanne Wells Graduate Teaching Assistant MA 209c   EMAIL

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