Name Dr Gary Hix
Job Title Head of the Wolverhampton School of Sciences
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Sciences
Tel 01902 322365

Biology, Chemistry and Forensic Science

Studied BSc and PhD in Chemistry at the University of Exeter. Postdoctoral fellowships at Université Montpellier II (France), Birmingham and St. Andrews Universities. Appointed as Lecturer in Inorganic chemistry at De Montfort University in 1999. Joined Nottingham Trent as SL in Chemistry in 2005. Promoted to PL in Physical Chemistry in 2011, assuming the roles of UG courses manager and deputy head of department, later becoming the Head of Chemistry and Forensics. 

Chemistry: Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. Materials synthesis and characterisation; crystallography and luminescence studies.

Solid state and materials chemistry. Synthesis of inorganic-organic hybrid materials, mixed metal oxides and porous materials and the relationship between structure and physical and chemical properties. The study of luminescent materials is a central theme across all material types and includes luminescent processes arising from lanthanide ions, TM and main group ions and organic moieties forming part of phosphonate anions. More recent work has begun to look at the use of metal phosphonates as anti-bacterial agents.

(Selected publications)


Temperature dependent characteristics of La2O2S:Ln [Ln = Eu, Tb] with various Ln concentrations over 5–60 °C

S. V.Yap, R. M. Ranson, W. M. Cranton, D. C. Koutsogeorgis, G. B. Hix,

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Remarkable thermal stability of Eu-Para-phosphonobenzoic acid : Structure investigations and luminescence properties

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Tailoring the Photoluminescent Properties of Transition Metal Phosphonates

R. Singleton, J. Bye, J. Dyson, G. Baker, R. M. Ranson and G. B. Hix, Dalton Trans, 39, 6024 (2010).


A Novel Route to Zeolite-Templated ZnO Quantum Wires

G.J. Baker, F.F. Ouali and G.B. Hix, IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Proceedings of QD2010, 245, 012073 (2010).


A silver-based metal–organic framework material as a ‘reservoir’ of bactericidal metal ions

P. A. Jaffrès, M Berchel, T. Le Gall, F. Quentel, C. Elleouet, T. Montier, J. M. Rueff, J. Y. Salaün, P. Lehn, G. B. Hix, J. P. Haelters, New J. Chem., 35, 1000 (2011).


Rigid aryl-phosphonic acids: building blocks for hybrid materials

P. A. Jaffrès, H. Couthon-Gourvès, J. P. Haelters, G. B. Hix, O. Pérez, V. Caignert, S. Boudin and J. M. Rueff, Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon and Related Elements,186, 906 (2011).


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Structural Study of Hydrated/Dehydrated Manganese Thiophene-2,5-diphosphonate Metal Organic Frameworks, Mn2(O3P-C4H2S-PO3).2H2O

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Structural Variability in Multifunctional Metal Xylenediaminetetraphosphonate Hybrids

R. M. P. Colodrero, G. K. Angeli, M. Bazaga-Garcia, P. Olivera-Pastor, D. Villemin, E. R. Losilla, E. Q. Martos, G B. Hix, M. A. G. Aranda, K. D. Demadis, A. Cabeza, Inorg. Chem., 52, 8770-8783 (2013).


Silver-Phosphonate Based Metal Organic Frameworks: Synthesis and Antibacterial Action

M. Berchel, S. Hernot, H. Couthon-Gourves, J. P. Haelters, F. Quentel, T. Le Gall, T. Montier, P. Lehn, G. B. Hix, O. Perez, J. M. Rueff, P. A. Jaffres, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Silicon and the related elements, 188, 76-78 (2013).


Silver-Based Hybrid Materials from meta- or para-Phosphonobenzoic Acid: Influence of the Topology on Silver Release in Water,

J. M. Rueff, O. Perez, V. Caignaert, G. Hix, M. Berchel, F. Quentel, P.A. Jaffres, Inorg. Chem. 54  2152-2159 (2015).