Name Dr Lynn Besenyei
Job Title Senior Lecturer in Ecology
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Sciences
Subject(s) Biology, Chemistry and Forensic Science
Tel 01902 322160

Biology, Chemistry and Forensic Science

Lynn gained a joint honours degree in botany/zoology from the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, a PhD in grassland habitat creation from the University of Wolverhampton and a Postgraduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education also from Wolverhampton.

Lynn had a variety of technical positions, fieldwork management and ecological consultancy experience before joining the academic staff in 2001 as an ecology lecturer and becoming a senior lecturer in 2005.

Six months sabbatical with a Midlands ecological consultancy company (2008)
KEEN affiliateship on fen meadow and wetland habitat creation with a W.Midlands based SME (2013-15)
Ecological consultancy work for a range of Midlands based clients.

Grassland Habitat Creation
Habitat management
Wildlife Conservation

The creation and management of species-rich natural habitats, particularly grasslands
Phytoremediation of oil spills
Natural colonisation of post-industrial sites
Wildlife Conservation

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology

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