Name Dr Kate Tobin
Job Title Senior Lecturer in Freshwater Ecology
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Sciences
Subject(s) Biology, Chemistry and Forensic Science
Tel 01902 323565

Biology, Chemistry and Forensic Science

Kate graduated with a first class honours in Natural Science from Trinity College, Dublin.  After a short stint as a research assistant in the Biology Department at McGill University, Montreal, where she had her first experience of fish biology research, she undertook her DPhil research in cyprinid fish ecology at the University of Ulster’s freshwater laboratory on Lough Neagh.

 Kate is a Senior Lecturer in freshwater ecology and management in the School of Biology, Chemistry and Forensic Science.  Her main area of teaching is on the BSc Animal Behaviour and Wildlife Conservation award.  She coordinates the postgraduate degree programmes in the School.

 Kate was a member of the Environment Agency’s Regional Fisheries, Ecology and Recreation Advisory Committee and has undertaken a range of consultancy contracts in freshwater management for local authorities and English Nature.

 Kate has an interest in curriculum development and has led on several new award validations within the University and acts as external advisor and external examiner at other Universities.

Ecology and conservation of isolated fish populations, freshwater ecology and management, curriculum development, learning and teaching.

  • She spent a sabbatical period in Ireland at NUI Galway, where she developed an interest in the Galway turloughs and their aquatic invertebrates. 
  • Recently she has been investigating the ecology and genetics of isolated fish populations in the River Trent. 
  • She has an interest in freshwater management in general and the implementation of European legislation and the Water Framework Directive in particular. 
  • She has recently undertaken a learning and teaching project funded by LATEE  examining the problem of plagiarism, particularly for international students.
  • R. Rahbari, K. Tannahill, C. Tobin, P. Robotham and  I.D. Nicholl (in prep.) The identification of a novel, high frequency polymorphism in the cytochrome b gene of an isolated population of the spined loach, Cobitis taenia. Journal of Fish Biology
  • Tobin, C and Granger, J. (2009). Raising awareness of plagiarism in International Postgraduates. HEA University of Edinburgh Conference.
  • Tobin, C.M., McCarthy, T.K. (2004). The Corixid Communities of Lowland Turloughs in the Galway area and Lough Corrib.  Irish Naturalists Journal 27(12), 450-457.