Name Professor Sabah Mushatat
Job Title Professor of Architecture
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Architecture and Built Environment
Subject(s) Architecture and Urbanism
Tel 01902 321162


A practicing architect for 25 years, Sabah moved to academia graduating firstly with a Diploma in Architecture before completing his PhD. He has taught architecture for 30 years, initially overseas and now in the UK as Professor of Architecture at The University of Wolverhampton, through them he conducted the post of the Head of Schools of Architecture and Design in many countries of the Middle East.

Concentrating mainly on the fields of architecture, environmental and sustainable design, construction and architectural education, he has eight books published, as well 2 textbooks, and about 80 research papers in refereed journals and conferences. He has produced several research reports, and compiled national and international presentations.

Sabah has served several national and international scientific bodies, such as the United Nations Environment Program UNEP, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO.

He has worked as a consultant for the governments of Holland, Germany, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq he served as a member of seven Editorial Boards of International Journals.

Professor Mushatat is the organiser of the prestigious Ajman International Urban Planning Conference (AIUPC), which is held every year in UAE, also the prestigious Qatar Urbanism Forum in MIPIM (The World's Leading Real Estate Exhibition and conference), that been held in Palais de Fastivals –Cannes, France.

  • Main research field is in man-environment studies.  My research is multi-disciplinary and ranges from the methodologies of the 'harder', quantitative sciences of engineering to those of the 'softer', qualitative human sciences.  Current research interests relate to   sustainable urban form, intensification of development in urban areas, design guidance,  Urban Morphology  and the quality issues of Architectural Education.


  • Specialist consultant  expertise in briefing, design guidance and building evaluation, and in architectural education, continuing education, training and open learning. Consultancy has included work for Local and Central Government, overseas governments and universities, and publishing companies
  • Architectural Education and Pedagogy,
  • Sustainable Development and Architectural and Urban Design,
  • Architecture and Identity
  • Housing Studies and Urbanism
  • Royal Institute of British Architects R.I.B.A. (Chartered Architect).
  • Society of Engineers United Arab Emirates, SEUAE (Member)
  • Union of Iraqi Engineers, Iraq UIE (Consultant Architect).
  • Technical Chamber, Greece TEE
  • Council of Canadian Professional Engineers (Environmental Engineer), CCPE.


Publications (Last 5 years)



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Papers In Journals,  and Proceedings of International Conferences


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