Name Chukwunonye  Ezeah
Job Title Lecturer in Environmental Management
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Architecture and Built Environment
Subject(s) Waste Management
Tel 01902 322671


Dr. Chukwunonye Ezeah is a Lecturer in Waste and Environmental Management, in the School of Architecture and the Built Environment. He graduated with B.Eng (Hons) in civil engineering and holds a Master of Technology degree in environmental technology. Upon coming to Wolverhampton, he successfully completed a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Management and a Doctorate in Environmental Science at the University of Wolverhampton. In between studies, Ezeah had worked for a number of high profile organizations including Japanese Gas Company in a joint venture with Exxon Mobil. Since 2007 Ezeah has been teaching at the University of Wolverhampton, initially as a Visiting Lecturer and subsequently as a Lecturer in environmental waste management. Ezeah is a chartered waste manager, a regular presenter at international scientific conferences and author of a significant number of high impact journal publications as well as book chapters. 

Waste Management/Environmental Science

His research interests focus primarily on Waste recycling and management strategies, waste governance in developing countries, transfer of best practice from developed to developing country contexts and sustainable urban environment. Ezeah also has research interests in the broader environmental issues relating to climate change and its impacts, environmental impact assessment, poverty and inequality as well as environmental health, safety and security issues. 

Chartered Institution of Waste Management, UK

Institution of Environmental Management and Assessment, UK

Nigerian Environmental Society

Higher Education Academy, UK

International Solid Waste Association


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  1. Cost Benefit Analysis of Climate Change Adaptations in African Traditional Buildings: A Case Study of Benue State, Nigeria


  1. Development of a framework for the sustainable management of agricultural waste in Saudi Arabia


  1. Development of a risk based assessment framework for major environmental hazards in Nigeria’s offshore oil and gas industry


  1. Development of A Framework for Sustainable Management of Construction and Demolition Waste  in Northern Nigeria



  1. Development of A Framework for Sustainable Management of Construction and Demolition Waste  in Libya





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