Name Dr.Silvia Riva
Job Title Research Fellow (Marie Curie)
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
Subject(s) Cognitive Psychology, Applied Psychology
Tel 01902 518744

Silvia Riva

Dr. Silvia Riva is currently a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the University of Wolverhampton working on a European project (Marie Curie Individual Fellowship) about stress management (

Dr. Riva area of expertise is Cognitive Psychology, particularly decision making processes in different contexts (e.g. health, organisations) and under different conditions (e.g. uncertainty, risk and stress)

Dr. Riva has published over 50 scientific articles and book chapters. She has presented her research findings at over 50 scientific meetings and conferences on 4 continents.

Within the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Dr Riva is actively involved in the “PsyCon” research group. PsyCon aims to enhance the creation and sustenance of an environment that is most befitting to its human users

Dr. Riva is also involved in clinical activity. Her background is embodied in the cognitive-behavioural approach, in line with the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). 

Cognitive Psychology, General Psychology, Behavioural analysis, Decision processes

Dr. Silvia Riva research interests examine the application of Cognitive Psychology (judgment, heuristics, bias, and decision making processes) to improving individual wellbeing and society challenges. Studying decision making processes has afforded Dr. Riva the ability to work in many subfields of Psychology.

Dr. Silvia Riva current primary research interest is in the area of decision making. At a theoretical level she is interested in the issue of how people make decisions to improve individual wellbeing and how do they cope with the environment. At a practical level, she is interested in studying potential environmental or educational interventions designed to promote healthier and safety environment with the goal improving individual wellbeing and general wellness. More generally, she is interested in how we can use our knowledge of human cognition to design interventions in practical settings. 

-Member of Italian Association of Psychology (AIP), field: General Psychology

-Certified Psychologist and member of the Italian Association of Psychology

-Member of American Association for Psychological Science (APS)

-Member of the European association of Decision Making (EADM)

-Member of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

-Member of the Marie Curie Alumni Association

(Selected Publications)


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  • Riva S, Renzi C, Masiero M, Pravettoni G. (2016) The choice dilemma in chronic hematological conditions: why choosing is not only a medial issue? A psycho-cognitive perspective, Critical Reviews in Oncology and Hematology, 99: 134–140 
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  • Riva S, Camerini AL, Allam A, Schulz PJ (2014) Interactive Sections of an Internet-Based Intervention Increase Empowerment of Chronic Back Pain Patients: Randomized Controlled Trial Journal of Medical Internet Research, 16(8):e18, DOI: 10.2196/jmir.3474
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  • Riva S, Monti M, Iannello P, Antonietti A (2012) The Representation of Risk in Routine Medical Experience: What Actions for Contemporary Health Policy? PLoS ONE 7(11): e48297. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0048297


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