Name Professor Keith J Burnham
Job Title Associate Dean (Research and Postgraduate Studies)
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
Subject Area Control Systems Engineering
Tel 01902 322387

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Keith officially joined the University of Wolverhampton on 26 March 2016 from Coventry University, where he held the positions of Director of the Control Theory and Applications Centre (CTAC), with concurrent roles as Associate Head of Department and Associate Dean (Research).


Keith has over 30 years of experience in higher education, and has established excellent connections and a rich history of successful activities involving external academic and industrial/commercial organisations. In 1987, Keith became a Co-founder of a thriving research group, namely the Control Theory and Applications Group, which achieved Centre of Excellence status in 1992, when the (CTAC) brand name was formed. The CTAC remained a thriving research centre, based within the Faculty of Engineering and Computing, Coventry University, until March 2015. Keith was appointed Professor of Industrial Control Systems in 1999. Under Keith’s directorship, the research centre earned a reputation for solving real industrial problems in one of the major growth areas of engineering, and this led to successful on-going partnerships with UK/EU based multi-national organisations as well as UK based SMEs.


He is currently Chair of the Systems and Control Technology Panel of the Institute of Measurement and Control, and during 2011-14, served as a Vice President of the Institute. He is a Member of the Executive of the United Kingdom Automatic Control Council (UKACC), representing the Institute of Measurement and Control, and has served as General Chair for the UKACC International Conference on CONTROL 2010. Keith is also a visiting professor of the Faculty of Electronics, Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland, where he is Co-founder of the Polish-British Workshop series and delivers lectures to MSc students on introduction to control systems and applied industrial control.


Keith is author and co-author of over 300 publications and has supervised over 55 PhD theses. 

Keith has experience as an academic practising consultant for industrial organisations and regularly provides advice in areas of advanced algorithm development for adaptive control, bilinear systems modelling and control, condition monitoring, online diagnosis and system identification.

Keith’s research interests are in the areas of adaptive and self-tuning control with application to nonlinear industrial systems, system identification and model parameter estimation, reduced order modelling for control, diagnosis and prognosis. Bilinear systems modelling and control, including fractional order model representations. Applications of control to biomedical healthcare systems, integrated transportation systems, including road, rail, marine and air, process engineering and manufacturing systems, supply chain logistics and optimisation


Member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (MIMA) and Chartered Mathematician CMath


Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET)


Member of the Institute of Measurement and Control (MInstMC)

Selected journal publications:


Paluszczyn D, Skworcow P, Haas O C L, Burnham K J, Mills J A, (2014), Model predictive control for real-time tumour motion compensation in adaptive radiotherapy, IEEE Trans Control Systems Technology, 22 (2),  635-651


Maganga O, Phillip N, Burnham K J, Montecucco A, Siviter J, Knox A, Simpson K, (2014), Hardware implementation of maximum power point tracking for thermoelectric generators, J Electronic Materials, 43 (6), 2293-2300                 


Sumislawska M, Larkowski T, Burnham K J, (2014), Parity equations-based unknown input reconstruction for MIMO stochastic systems with an application, Int J Control, 87 (2), 410-421     


Phillip N, Maganga O, Burnham K J, Ellis M, Robinson S, Dunn J, Rouaud C, (2013), Investigation of maximum power point tracking for thermoelectric generators, J Electronic Materials, 42 (7),  1900-1906                                


Oleksowicz S A, Burnham K J, Barber P, Toth-Antal B, Waite G, Hardwick G, Harrington C, Chapman J, (2013), Investigation of regenerative and anti-lock braking interaction, Int J Automotive Technology, 14 (4), 641-650                                                                                                                                 


Oleksowicz S A, Burnham K J, Southgate A, McCoy C, Waite G, Hardwick G, Harrington C, McMurran R, (2013), Regenerative braking strategies, vehicle safety and stability control systems: critical use-case proposals, J Vehicle System Dynamics, 51 (5), 684-699                                       


Trollope J E, Burnham K J, (2013), Active buckling control for future lightweight vehicle body structures, J Measurement and Control, 46 (10), 315-320


Linden J G, Larkowski T, Burnham K J, (2012), Algorithms for recursive/semi-recursive bias compensating least squares system identification in the errors-in-variables framework, Int J Control, 85 (11), 1625-1643                                         


Koshkouei A J, Farahi M H, Burnham K J, (2012), An almost optimal control design method for nonlinear time-delay systems, Int J Control, 85 (2), 147-158                                    


Taylor C J, Chotai A, Burnham K J, (2011), Controllable forms for stabilising pole assignment design of generalised bilinear systems, Electronics Letters, 47 (7), 437-439                                       


Koshkouei A J, Burnham K J, (2011), Adaptive backstepping sliding mode control for feedforward uncertain systems, Int J Systems               Science, 42 (12), 1935-1946                                        


Zajic I, Burnham K J, Larkowski, T, Hill D, (2010), Heating ventilation and air conditioning system; enhancement of energy consumption via control optimisation, J Systems Science, 36, 39-47    Refereed                                  


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Larkowski T, Linden J G, Vinsonneau B, Burnham K J, (2009), Frisch scheme identification for diagonal bilinear systems, Int J Control, 82 (9), 1591-1604                            


Selected international conference publications:


Trollope J E, Burnham K J, (2014), Modelling vehicle body structures for active buckling control, Proc. CD-ROM19th IFAC World Congress, Cape Town, South Africa


Trollope J E, Burnham K J, (2014), Hybrid identification of bilinear model in the presence                of uncertainty and absence of sufficient data, Proc. 23rd Int Conference on Systems Engineering, Las Vegas, USA


Trollope J E, Burnham K J, (2014), Active buckling control for vehicle body structures: A fuzzy logic approach for collision energy distribution, Proc.             10th UKACC International Conference CONTROL2014, Loughborough, UK


Trollope J E, Burnham K J, (2013), Collision energy mitigation through active control of future lightweight vehicle architectures, Proc. 10th International Conference Information in Control, Automation and Robotics, Reykjavik, Iceland


Sumislawska M, Phillip N, Marinescu M M, Burnham K J, (2013), Reduction of high fidelity lithium-ion battery model via data-driven identification, IET Hybrid Electric Vehicle Conference, London, UK


Agbaje O, Kavanagh D F, Sumislawska M, Howey D A, McCulloch M D, Burnham K J, ( 2013), Estimation of temperature dependent equivalent circuit     parameters for traction-based electric machines, IET Hybrid Electric Vehicle Conference, London, UK



Selected book/chapter publications:


Burnham K J, Zajic I, Linden J G, (2011), Self-tuning Control Systems: A Review of Developments,              IGI Global, 315-349, ISBN 978-1-61692-811-7,(Chapter in book), Knowledge-Based Intelligent System Advancements:             Systemic and Cybernetic Approaches, Jozefczyk J, Orski D (Eds.)


Burnham K J, Ersanilli V E, (2011), Mathematics and Computing for Control, Wroclaw University of Technology, ISBN 978-83-62098-38-5, A Series of texts for course in Advanced Informatics and Control, Co-Financed by EU within ESF

Examples of Recently Completed PhD Programmes


Errors-in-variables identification with application to bilinear systems


Modelling identification and control of heating ventilation and air conditioning systems


Fractional order modelling and identification with extension to nonlinear systems





Potential PhD Programmes


System identification and model parameter estimation for control, diagnosis and prognosis


Modelling, simulation and control of nonlinear industrial processes


Design and optimisation of biomedical engineering systems


Fault tolerant control and condition monitoring for automotive systems


Improved energy efficiency and environmental emission of high temperature heating plants


Dynamic coupling of seamlessly operating / reconfigurable closer running trains


Integrated transportation systems for improved capacity and connectivity


Use of active materials in vehicle structures for improved collision energy mitigation