Name Dr Ruth Shiner
Job Title Associate Dean (Academic)
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
Tel 01902 321124

Biomedical science

Ruth is proud to have been born and bred in the Black Country, attending Queen Mary’s Girls High School in Walsall, where she chose to focus on science subjects. She later graduated from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Birmingham in June 1990 with a BSc (Hons) Biological Science (Physiology). After completing her undergraduate studies, she moved to the Department of Physiology in The Medical School at the University of Birmingham where she completed an industry sponsored PhD in Vascular Physiology, investigating the local and remote effects of chronic muscle ischaemia. Part of her PhD studentship was spent working for her sponsor at Glaxo Research and Development Ltd., Ware, Herts, investigating the role of the neutrophil in the capillary ultrastructural alterations seen during ischaemia. After being awarded her PhD in January 1994 by the Faculty of Medicine, she continued post-doctoral work at the University of Birmingham investigating the effect of drugs on cardiovascular and functional parameters in ischaemic skeletal muscle with the aim of identifying potential treatments for patients with intermittent claudication. She became competent during her research work in a range of techniques, including intravital microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. Alongside her research, Ruth developed a strong passion for teaching and inspiring students about the exciting subject of physiology and this led her to seek a role where she could focus on a lecturing career.
Ruth’s commitment to the University of Wolverhampton began in September 1994, by declaring that it was the place where she ‘wanted to work for the rest of her life’ after being successfully interviewed for a post of Lecturer in Biomedical Science in the School of Health Science- a declaration that she still stands by. Her appointment provided the opportunity for the delivery of lectures, practical classes and projects in Physiology, in addition to gaining experience in the wider university community. Ruth subsequently progressed to Senior Lecturer and Principal Lecturer in Biomedical Science in 2001 within the School of Applied Science, following which she undertook a number of roles as Principal Lecturer including Head of School of Biomedical Science and Physiology. She developed a broad range of academic experience during this time, including undertaking roles as external examiner at Coventry and De Montfort Universities, acting as internal and external PhD examiners, sitting on validation panels as an external representative at a number of other universities, and participating on accreditation panels in Healthcare Science for the Medical Education England Professional Body. She has also acted as Secretary for the Association for Clinical Physiology Education (ACPE).
Ruth was appointed as Associate Dean (Academic) in August 2014 and continues in this role providing leadership and management within the Faculty of Science and Engineering. She carries responsibility for the academic provision within the faculty, including the management and quality assurance of the academic portfolio, and the development of new courses through overseeing course validations and Professional Body accreditations. She also has responsibility for the student experience, ensuring that all students are supported to reach their full potential. In addition to her managerial roles, Ruth still contributes to teaching on a range of Physiology undergraduate modules, with particular involvement in Cardiac Physiology teaching.
Away from the university Ruth’s interests include ballroom dancing (particularly argentine tango), horse riding and playing the cello in a local orchestra.


Ischaemic Skeletal Muscle
Vascular Physiology
Cardiac Physiology

Selected Publications:
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