Ms Sandra Shaw

Social Work & Intergrated Services

Email address: Phone number: 01902 1164 Location: Wolverhampton Faculty: Faculty of Education Health & Wellbeing School/Institute: Institute of Public Health, Social Work & Care Areas of expertise: Learning Disabilities


I worked in Local Authority provider services for 22 years initially as a frontline worker providing direct personal care and support to vulnerable people, mainly people with Learning Disabilities. I then completed my Social Work training and became a qualified Social Worker in 2000 and secured a position as an Outreach Manager. I managed a registered service for adults with learning disabilities, which provided support to enable people with learning disabilities to live independently, in their own homes or within sheltered accommodation, within the community. Since qualifying as a Social Worker (SW) I spent 4 years as a long arm Practice Assessor/Educator for SW BA and MA students on placements. Following my management role, I spent a period of 8 months working in a senior role as ‘Interim Community Support Manager’ and returned to my role as Outreach manager until I left in June 2010 to work at the University of Wolverhampton. My Job role at the University was ‘Practice Learning Development Worker’, where I was responsible for the development of Independent practice placements, for students on the Social Work Degree program.


My experiences to date have developed my professionalism and enabled me to;

  1. Work directly with vulnerable people
  2. Manager people and services (Managing teams)
  3. Managing projects (re-provision of services)
  4. Effectively communicate with others
  5. Contribute to the facilitation of the training for practice supervisors (Social Work)
  6. Facilitate Independent meetings
  7. Plan module workshops (Level 4 SW students)
  8. Plan and deliver teaching session


I am organised, self-motivated and will work on my own initiative. I currently plan and prioritise my own work to meet deadline and committed to continual professional development.

Current appointment Social Work (Qualifying) & Integrated Services 14.0610 - present

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Registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC), Registration Number - SW66158

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30 November 2018



Academic Qualifications


Date attained

PHD – Social Care and Social Work

PGCE Higher Education and Professional Practice

MSc in Health and Social Care (Level 7)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Health and Social Care               

Diploma In Social Work                                                              

BTEC Nat. Health & Social Care                                                 


July 2016

Oct 2015

July 1992

Dec 2000

Dec 2003

Qualification currently being undertaken:


Expected completion date

PHD – Social Work and Social Care 

July 2022


Completed a book Review: International Migration: The Wellbeing of Migrants

To cite this article: Sandra Shaw (2017): International migration: the wellbeing of migrants, Social Work Education, DOI: 10.1080/02615479.2017.1331514

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(June 2017)

Previous professional experience



Date From

Date To

UoW Lecturer in Social Care

University of Wolverhampton Practice Learning Development Worker

(Social Work)

University of Wolverhampton (Secondment Opportunity – 2 days a week) Practice Learning Development Worker – Developing placements for social work students

Wolverhampton City Council (Secondment Opportunity) - Interim Community Support Manager (9½ months) – Senior Manager overseeing Community/Outreach Support services for People with Learning Disabilities.

WCC - North West Outreach  -  Outreach Manager – Managing a team of Outreach workers - supporting people with learning disabilities to live in the community.

WCC - St Aidan’s Outreach    -  Outreach Support Worker – providing direct one-to-one support to people with learning disabilities, in their own homes and in the community.

WCC - 453, Stafford Road     -  Residential Social Worker, in a 25 bedded residential home for people with learning disabilities

WCC - Oxley Day Centre       -  Day Centre Officer Level 2

Adults with Learning Disabilities (Secondment Opportunity)

WCC - 453, Stafford Road     -  Residential Social Worker

Wolverhampton City Council – Relief Worker, Care Assistant

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Further information

Lecture in Social Care (May 2015)


I teach on 3 modules and have supported an additional 2 module 2017-2018. I am responsible for leadership on 2 Modules on the Social Care Degree programme; Poverty, Welfare Benefits and the Welfare System and Social Care Placements, which both involves planning, managing and delivery of teaching sessions and providing module tutorial guidance. In addition the Social Care Placement module involve; sourcing, auditing of placements, providing placement supervisor briefings, documentation and administrative work to communicate and with providers and students about the allocation of placements – Total responsibility for the setting up and running of all aspects of this module. I am also a Personal Tutoring and actively participate in research and other forms of scholarly activity in line with reviewing course and module content. I also carryout other administrative duties and related activities that contributes to the smooth running of the team. I am the Careers Development representative, Employability Champion and Challenge Academy from the social care team. I also support the attainment champion for social care, when necessary. The placement module is now running for the second time and have 20 plus student registered on the module – more than double of last year’s student.


Evidence Based Practice (Level 7)

Work based Learning Module (Level 7)

Leadership and Management (Level 7)

Health and Social care Perspectives on Violence (Level 7)

Ethical Dilemmas in Health and Social Care (Level 7)                    

Critical Awareness of Research (Level 7)                                      

Career and Personal Development Planning (Level 7)                    


Practice Educator                                                                       

Post Qualifying (PQ1) Award                                                       

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Health and Social Care

Registered Managers Award (NVQ Level 4)                                         

Managing Care                                                                          

Assessors Award D32/D33                                                          

Critical Practice in Health and Social Care                                     

Diploma in Social Work

Teaching Certificate, Special Needs 7401 - PASS   

Teaching Certificate 730                                                                   

Learning support 7321                                                             





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