Mr James Bethel

Senior Lecturer

Email address: Phone number: 01902 51 8833 Location: Walsall Faculty: Faculty of Education Health and Wellbeing School/Institute: Institute of Health Professions Areas of expertise: Independent practice for non-medical clinicians in urgent and emergency care and Urgent and emergency care service organisation


I have worked for 10 years in higher education successfully delivering an honours award conferring a level of independent practice to non-medical clinicians working in urgent and emergency care settings. This enables nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists and pharmacists to manage a caseload of patients without mandatory reference to medical staff. A post-graduate diploma in advanced practice in similar settings has been validated for an October 2015 start. During this time I have also taken an active leadership role in the emergency care environment: I was chair of the Royal College of Nursing Emergency Care Association from 2009-2011, founded the European Society of Emergency Nursing in 2010 and formed a part of the scientific committee for the first global emergency care conference in Dublin in 2014

I have published on a widespread basis in various professional journals and have also successfully facilitated publication for more than twenty of my previous and current students

As a representative of the emergency nursing workforce I have also worked with the department of health emergency planning group in helping to shape service delivery in urgent and emergency care settings.

Research interests

Emergency care of the Elderly.

Membership of professional bodies

Reviewer and member of editorial board: Emergency Nurse Journal

Reviewer: International Emergency Nurse Journal

Reviewer: Emergency Medicine Journal

Reviewer: European Journal of Emergency Medicine

Royal College of Nursing Emergency care Association (Chair 2009-2011), 2007 - present

European Society of Emergency Nurses (President), 2010 - present

Healthcare Professionals for assisted dying, 2010 – present

Member Royal College of Nursing

Former Chair Royal College of Nursing Emergency Care Association

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


MSc Professional Studies
BSc (Hons) Clinical Practice



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Conference Presentations

Plenary Presentation ‘Triage in the UK’ Annual Emergency care conference of the Slovenian medical and nursing organisation. Portoros, Slovenia, June 2011
Concurrent presentations; ‘law and the nurse’ and ‘triage workshop’ (with Uros Zaniflos) Annual emergency care conference of the Slovenian medical and nursing organisation. Portoros, Slovenia, June 2011
Abstract accepted for presentation at the RCN educational forum conference ‘a fusion of academic and clinical roles’ Belfast, Northern Ireland, June 2011
Plenary presentation to the Northern Ireland regional emergency care forum; ‘the future of emergency care’. Royal College of Nursing regional office, Belfast, Northern Ireland, June 2011
Presentation concerning the founding of the European Society of Emergency Nurses to the European Society of Medicine conference, Stockholm, Sweden (with Liselotte Bjork and Henrik Andersson), October 2010
Concurrent presentation: ‘a fusion of academic and clinical roles’  International conference of Orthopaedic Nurses, Dublin, Eire (with Mary Drozd), September 2010

Previous professional experience

External Examiner, University of Hull: 2005 - 2006
Clinical Nurse Manager, Emergency Directorate, Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals: Jan 2005 - Sept 2005
Honorary Teaching Fellow, University of Coventry: 2003 - 2006
Special Visiting Lecturer, University of Wolverhampton: 2003 - 2005
Lead Nurse, Emergency Directorate, Heart of England NHS Trust: Jan 2000 - Jan 2005
Course Director, Nurse Practitioner Award, University of Central England: Jan 2000 - Jan 2005
Charge Nurse, Emergency Directorate, Heart of England NHS Trust: Nov 1995 - Jan 2000