Dr Gurpinder Lalli

Lecturer in Education and Inclusion Studies

Email address: glalli@wlv.ac.uk Phone number: 01902 323708 Location: Walsall Campus Faculty: Faculty of Eduation Health and Wellbeing School/Institute: Institute of Education (IoE) Areas of expertise: Education and Inclusion Studies


Gurpinder is a Lecturer in Education and Inclusion Studies. He is an active researcher in the Sociology of Education, Policy and Food Studies. He also holds the status of Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA), Qualified Teaching Status (QTS) and has a background of teaching experience in the Post-Compulsory Education Sector (QTLS). Prior to starting at Wolverhampton, he worked as a visiting lecturer at Universities of Worcester, Coventry and De Montfort.

For his PhD, he focused on the impact of food upon learning with an emphasis on the social aspect of school meals. The focus lies on exploring the social and life skills which pupils develop through meeting, making choices, eating and talking together in an inviting ‘restaurant culture’ rather than the traditional ‘school canteen’. The study titled ‘Peartree Academy: A social Learning Space?’ adopted ethnographic techniques whilst taking a social constructivist position in framing the theoretical aspect of the research.

Responsibilities include working as a peer reviewer for the following journals: Oxford Review of Education, Journal of Nutrition, Education and Behaviour; Journal of Higher Education Studies. External responsibilities include working as an External Examiner at Universities of Portsmouth and Bedfordshire. He is also a dedicated book reviewer and writes regularly for LSE.






Research interests

Sociology of Food

Educational Ethnography

School Meals

Membership of professional bodies

Higher Education Academy Senior Fellow (SFHEA)

BSA – British Sociological Association (Member)

The Education and Training Foundation Formerly IFL (QTLS Member)


Society for Education and Training (SET)


British Educational Research Association (BERA)


Centre for Food Studies at SOAS: Associate Member


FRIED: Food Researchers Member: University of Edinburgh


APSE Research Committee on Schools Meals: Parliament Policy Group


ADG – Associate Membership Dyslexia Guild Professional Certificate


National Autistic Society (NAS


PhD Education - University of Leicester

MA (Hons) Social and Cultural Theory

BA (Hons) Sociology and Social Policy

PG Diploma Teaching and Learning (QTLS/QTS)

PG Certificate Professional Practice in HEA (Fellow of Higher Education Academy)

Cambridge CELTA


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles
Lalli, G. (2017) The Restaurant: A social learning space? An ethnographic case study of an Academy school. Ph.D. Thesis. University of Leicester: U.K.

Lalli, G. (2017) The Instruction of imagination by Dor reviewed in British Society for Literature and Science Reviews.

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Lalli, G. (2012) ‘The impact of parental influence on subject choice for British South Asian undergraduates in HE’, M.A. Thesis. Staffordshire University.

Book Reviews:
Lalli, G. (2018) Food, Power and Agency by Martschukat and Simon reviewed in LSE Review of Books.

Lalli, G. (2018) The Sociology of Food: Eating and the place of food in society by Poulain reviewed in LSE Review of Books.

Lalli, G. (2015) Everyone Eats: Understanding Food and Culture by Anderson reviewed in Graduate Journal of Food Studies, 2 (2), pp. 8.

Lalli, G. (2015) Management and Gender in Higher Education by O’Connor reviewed in Journal of Gender and Education.

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Lalli, G. (2015) Protest: A Cultural Introduction to Social Movements by Jasper reviewed in LSE Review of Books.

Lalli, G. (2015) Hell’s Kitchen and the battle for urban space: Class struggle and progressive reform in New York City, 1894 – 1914 by Varga reviewed in International Sociology, SAGE Publications.

Lalli, G. (2015) Handbook of Effective Inclusive Schools: Research and Practice by McLeskey, Waldron, Spooner and Algozzine reviewed in Management in Education.

Lalli, G. (2015) Comprehensive achievements: all our geese are swans by Imison, Heilbronn and Williams reviewed in Management in Education.

Lalli, G. (2015) Diversity and inclusion on campus by Winkle-Wagner and Locks, reviewed in Educational Management Administration and Leadership.

Lalli, G. (2015) Whose knowledge counts in government literacy policies by Goodman, Calfee, reviewed in Management in Education.

Lalli, G. (2015) Education in South-East Asia by Symaco reviewed in Journal of Educational Management Administration and Leadership, 43 (5), pp. pp. 850 – 851.

Conference Presentations:
University of Warwick, 6th May 2017, ‘Education in a Changing World’, Centre for Education Studies, 5th Annual Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference.

Aalborg University, Denmark 27th – 29th April 2016, Child and Teen Consumption: Cultural Contexts, Relations and Practices ‘Children’s Food Practices’

University of Birmingham, UK, 28th November 2015, School of Education, Doctoral Research Conference, ‘The School Restaurant: Surveillance and Social Skills Development’
Queens University Belfast, UK, 15th – 17th September 2015, British Educational Research Association Conference (BERA), ‘The School Restaurant at Peartree Academy’

University of Leicester, UK, 22nd May 2015, School of Education, Annual Research Conference, ‘The environmental impact of the school meal: ‘Modelling Behaviour – The Sociology of Food and Pedagogies’

University of Helsinki, 4th – 6th May 2015, Food in Society and Culture Conference Finland, Research across the Social Sciences and Humanities, ‘The environmental impact of the school meal: ‘A Case Study – The Sociology of Food and Pedagogies’

University of Warwick, UK, 27th March 2015, Centre for Research in Philosophy, Literature and the Arts, Interdisciplinary Workshop on Food Studies, A report on findings from the PhD, British Society of Aesthetics

University of Birmingham, 29th November 2014, School of Education, Doctoral Research Conference, ‘An ethnographic case study on the impact of food: The Sociology of Food’

University of Leicester, 28th June 2014, Benefactors Reception, Henry Wellcome Building, ‘The impact of food on learning: A special message to the Funders Foundation’

University of Leicester, 28th June 2014, School of Education, Summer School Conference, ‘An ethnographic case study on the impact of food on learning at Peartree Academy’

Previous professional experience

Experienced practitioner in Further and Higher Education