Dr Erica Thomas


Email address: Erica.Thomas@wlv.ac.uk Phone number: 01902 3745 Location: MC Building Faculty: FEHW School/Institute: Areas of expertise: Public Health Psychology



Curent appointment  (02/01/15) Lecturer in Public Health Univeristy of Wolverhampton, Faculty of Eductaion , Health  & Well being. Teaching on the Public Health and Health Studies awrds, turtorials, marking and moderation. Superisving level 6 and level 7 students. Research.

Research interests

My expertise are in the area of Public Health Psychology, specialising in behaviour changer intervention for pysical activity and obesity. I mainly teach on the 'Research for Health' and health promotion modules at level 3,4 and 6. I have research expertise in workplace health interventions to reduce caloric intake and prompt the choice of stairs (instead of the lift), school based interventions for physical activity, Social Cognition and Socio-Environmental models of behaviour and behaviour change, questionnaire development and psychometrics.

Membership of professional bodies

HEA Fellowship - Recognition reference: PR131765



Academic Qualifications

 PGcert in Higher Education and Professional practice     2017

PhD Health Psychology                                               2012

PGcert in Research methods                                       2008

BSc Psychology                                                         2007    


Professional qualifications and registrations

HEA Fellowship -Recognition 2017                                     

 Univeristy of Birmingham

IR (ME) R operator certificate for DXA scanning-   2014

University of West England

Structural Equation modelling-                            2009

Nottingham Trent Univeristy 

Psypag Postgraduate statistics workshop

Lancaster University 

Structual Equation modelling                               2008




Thomas, E., Puig-Ribera, A., Senye-Mir, A. & Eves. (2016). Promoting healthy choices in workplace cafeterias; A qualitative study. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour, 48(2), 138-145.

Thomas, E., Puig-Ribera, A., Senye-Mir, A. & Eves. (2016). Health representations, perceived valence and concept associations for symbols as food cues: A mixed methods approach. Health Communication, 31(11), 1421-1425.

Thomas, E. (2015). Compulsory calorie-labelling of menu items is not a panacea for the obesity epidemic: A response to Compulsory calorie labelling of foods by Nikolaou and Lean. Public Health Nutrition, 19(12), 2192-2194.

Thomas, E. (2015). Food for thought; Obstacles to menu labelling in restaurants and cafeterias. Public Health Nutrition, 19(12), 2185-2189.

Thomas, E., Eves, F.F., Puig-Ribera, A., Senye-Mir, A. & Greenfield, S. (2015). Testing messages to promote stair climbing at work. International Journal of Workplace Health Management, 8(3), 189-205.

Thomas, E. & Upton, D. (2014). Psychometric properties of the Physical Activity Questionnaire for Older Children in the UK. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 15(3),280-287. 

Thomas, E. & Upton, D. (2014). Automatic and Motivational Predictors of Children's Physical Activity: Integrating Habit, the Environment and the Theory of Planned Behavior.Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 11(5), 999-1005.

Francis-Smythe, J., Haase, S., Thomas, E. & Steele, C. (2013). Development and validation of the Career Competency Indicator. Journal of Career Assessment, 21(2), 277-248

Haase, S. Thomas, E. & Francis-Smythe, J. (2013).Applying career competencies in career management. Assessment and Development Matters, 5(1).

Haase, S. Thomas, E. Steel, C. & Francis-Smythe, J. (2012). Career competencies: A new approach to successful career management. Assessment and Development Matters, 4(2).

Thomas, E. (2009). Book review: Topics in applied psychology: Sport and Exercise psychology, by A.Lane (Ed.). Psychology Teaching Review, 15(1), 92-93.


Conference Presentations

Thomas, E. & Eves F. (2013). A mixed methods approach to the development of point-of-purchase prompts for food. Poster presented at the UK Society for Behavioural Medicine Annual Conference, Oxford.

Thomas, E. & Eves. F. (2012). A systematic approach to the development of a point-of-choice prompt intervention to increase stair climbing at work. Presented at the UK Society for Behavioural Medicine Annual Conference, Manchester.

Thomas, E. & Upton, D. (2009). Psychometric properties of the Physical activity questionnaire for Older children in primary school children from the UK. Poster presented at the Division of Health Psychology Annual Conference, Birmingham.

Thomas, E. (2008). Habit and the intention-behaviour relationship; Implications for information based interventions. Presented at the Research in Focus Conference, Worcester.

Thomas, E. (2008). Habit, attitude and planned behaviour: Implications for health behaviour interventions. Presented at the Post Graduate Student Conference, Worcester. 

Previous professional experience

Univeristy of Birmingham

Reseach fellow and lifetstyle interventions for obesity                                                            June 2012 to January 2015                                            

  • Project funded by Bupa multi- country competition grant.
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of a program to reduce calorific intake and prompt choice of stairs in the work place.
  • Main Duties inlcude: writing reports and papers for punblication, disseminating results at research conferences and fora, supervising 3rd year and PhD students and occasional lectures and assessment.

Univeristy of Worcester

Research and innovation Project Manager                                                                                June 2011- June 2012

  • Lead on the research and promotional activities associated with the commercialisation of a new psychomentric tool.
  • Experience writing instructional/facilitation manuals for test users.
  • Contribute to the production of research outputs.
  • Experience of writing for different audeinces, i.e. academics, practioners and the public.  

University of Worcester

Sessional Lecturer in the institute of Health and Society and the Worcester Business School   February 2010- June 2012

  • Delivers lectures, seminars, one to one tutuion and practical classes to both undergraduate and postgraduate students on a number of courses within the institute of Health and society as well as the Business School.
  • Contribute to the assessment of students.
  • Attend rlevant meetings and appropriate committess.

Univeristy of Worcester

Research assistant                                                                                                                          September - June 2011


  • Evaluation of 'Patient Preferences for the Cardiac Rehabilitation'. Commissioned by the Heart of Birmingham Primary Care Trust.
  • Responsible for organising and collecting data from patients and clinicial staf (E.g.cardiac nurses and exercise  physiologists) using a vairety of methods including questionnaire surveys, focus groups and semi-structured interviews.
  • Data Analysis
  • Contribute to the production of research outputs.

Full time fully funded PhD                                                                                                               June 2008- January 2012

  • Responsible for the design, organisation and implementation of an advanced research project.
  • Collaboration with outside agencies such as Schools and county councils and participant recruitment.
  • Field work/data collection, questionnaire development data entry and analysis.
  • Hands on experience working with and enagaging human participants.

Postgraduate Research Activity  


UoW Research Supervisor training completed:





UoW Research Examiner training Completed:




UoW Viva Chair training completed:






Further information

2012/13 - Commercialisation of the Career Competencies indicator: a career development tool for 18-24 year olds. Collaborator on a twelve month project in conjunction with ‘Consulting Tools’, a private sector consultancy. University of Worcester Innovation Grant. 


Postgraduate Research Supervision

Current supervisions: 

MSc Supervision (Internal)

Maternal feeding practices and childhood obesity in developing countries. Expected completion January 2018.

Childhood obesity and educational attainment. Expected completion January 2018.

Psychosis: Looking beyond the medical model. Expected completion January 2018.