Dr Dean-David Holyoake

Senior Lecturer in Children's Nursing

Email address: D.Holyoake@wlv.ac.uk Phone number: 01902 518662 Location: Walsall Faculty: Faculty of Education Health and Wellbeing School/Institute: Institute of Health Professions Areas of expertise: Currently developing independent learning opportunities for Solution Focused Brief Therapy / Developing profitable Summer Schools for SFBT/SFNP/ Deve


Two primary areas of expertise. First, Solution Focused Therapy. Second over 25 years experience working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Responsible for setting up 9 independent Tier 4 services (more than anyone else in the world!). Nurse Consultant for the largest service provider in Europe and used by many other leading independent sector institutions for advice and appearance. Developer of quirky methodology and performative research method, a challenger of legitimisation whilst respecting authority of position having obtained his PhD whilst working full time as a Staff Nurse. One of the longest serving doctorates in the faculty and guilty of causing more than a stir with his unconventional method to rethinking research possibilities. He’s not bitter, just busy

Research interests

  • Psychotherapy
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health
  • Post Modern Ethnographic and Narrative Research Methodology

Membership of professional bodies

  • Regular contributor to Readers Panel Nursing Standard (Over 50 short opinions to date)
  • Registered Mental Nurse          


  • PG Cert Ed, University of Central England
  • Ph.D (Senior Supervisor: Prof Brannigan), University of Central England
  • BSc (HONS) 1st Class Mental Health Studies, University of Central England Specialist Practitioner Award Child Mental Health (ENB 603)
  • BA Art/Philosophy, Open University
  • MSc/PGDip in Advanced Nursing Practice, University of Central England.
  • Diploma in Clinical & Pastoral Counselling, Institute of Counselling.
  • Diploma in Child Psychology, Kilroy College Cambridge House, Ire
  • Teaching & Assessing (ENB 998), Hollymoor Hospital
  • Student Assessor, QE School of Nursing
  • Registered Mental Nurse          



Principal Publications

  • HOLYOAKE, D.  (1995) Advancing in confusion. Nursing Standard. Vol 9, No 51. p56. 
  • HOLYOAKE, D.  (1995) Advanced state of confusion.  Nursing Times, Vol 91, No30, p22.
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1996)  A study on the nature of nurse interaction with mentally ill young  people. Steinberg Collection, RCN, London.
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1996) Medicine is still big brother.  Nursing Standard  Vol 10, No28, p11.
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1996) Advanced Practitioner is a risk taking role. Nursing Standard Vol 10, No 36, p10.  (Comment)
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1997) Exploring the nature of nurse Interaction using an interaction interview schedule : the results. Psychiatric Care, Vol 4.No 2 p83 - 87.
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1997)  A look into the culture club : exploring the perceptions of  mentally ill young people about in – patient culture.  Psychiatric Care.Vol 3, No 4, p162 - 167
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1997)  Philosophy of the culture club : exploring the philosophical basis of nursing mentally ill young people. Paediatric Nursing. Vol 9, (8), p18-21.
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1997) Survivors of Psychiatry.  The New Millenium, Garfett. Vol 3, (e-zine).
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1997) My Gorilla speaks too : Reflections on the process of play and attachment in forming a therapeutic alliance. Paediatric Nursing10,(2) p14-18
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1998) An observational study into nurse - patient interaction and  culture. Nursing Standard Vol 12, No 29, p35 - 39
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1998) Advanced Nursing Practice in a Culture of Mental Health Nursing. In :Perspectives of Advanced Nursing Practice (Thorbrook, P. ; Rolfe, G. Eds) University of Portsmouth (April, 1988).
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  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1998) A Little Lady Called Pandora : An exploration of the philosophical traditions of humanism and existentialism in nursing ill children. Child, Care, Health and Development, Blackwell Scientific Publications, Vol 24, No 2.
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1999) Who’s the boss ? : Children’s perception of hospital hierarchy. Paediatric Nursing, Vol 11, (5), p33-36.
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1999) Favourite patients : exploring labelling in inpatient culture. Nursing Standard, Vol 13, No 16, p44 - 47.
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1999) Disentangling caring from love in a nurse - patient relationship. Nursing Times, Vol 94, (49), p 56 - 59.
  • MacDONALD, M. ; HOLYOAKE, D. (1999) Where were you when advanced practice died ? Accepted for publication in Nursing Standard.
  • OWEN, A. ; ROBERTSON, E. ; GEORGE, M. ; HOLYOAKE, D. (1999) ‘'Changing Minds : Every Family in the Land’ new study confirms stigma and history of mental illness.  Journal of Psychiatry (June).
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1999) Adolescent addiction : in a culture of assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Priory Journal of Medicine.
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (1999) Juvenile Snakebites: questioning the management of adolescent drug use. Rapport, Vol 6. (4), p14-23.
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (2000) How do you see modern psychiatry ? Nursing Times, Vol 95, No 33, p27.
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (2000) Using transactional analysis to understand the supervisory process. Nursing Standard,Vol14(33)p37-41
  • HOLYOAKE, D. ; PURSEY, M. (2001) Nursing in-patients with anorexia nervosa. Academic Publishing Limited, Wiltshire.
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (2000) The impact of masculinities Nursing Standard, Vol 14, No25, p31.
  • HOLYOAKE, D. (2001) Dim, but Willing : The Male Nurse.  In : Nursing inpatients with anorexia nervosa (Holyoake, D;Pursey, M. Eds) Academic Publishing Services, Wiltshire.
  • DAVIS, C  ; HOLYOAKE, D. (2001) If you’re happy and you know it. [Comment] Nursing Times: Vol 97, No 27, p26-27.
  • SAARINEN, E. ; HOLYOAKE, D. (2000) Parc hoitaa paihderiippuuaisia lapsia  ja nuoria  Sosiaaliturva 2 / 2000, p9.
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  • HOLYOAKE, D (2008) adolescentunit.com: an ethno(v)graphy. Accepted for  publication: Five Pin Publishers, Wiltshire.
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  • HOLYOAKE, D. ;  GOLDING, E. (2010)  The ‘uncanny sense of self’, Solution Focused Practice and a theoretical re-thinking of ‘the self’ in psychotherapy, Asia Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy Vol. 1, No. 1, March 2010, 87–96
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  • HOLYOAKE, D-D. (2012) Lonely ethnographer seeks research similarities: Comparing ethnographic research methodology and internet dating. Accepted for Publication in Journal of Health and Social Care Improvement.
  • HOLYOAKE, D-D. (2013) Care, compassion and courage: the museum of mental health nursing - an ethnographic archaeology. Accepted by Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing.
  • HOLYOAKE, D-D. (2013) I spy with my little eye something beginning with O-----------: Looking at what the myth of ‘doing the observations’ means in mental health nursing culture.  Accepted by Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing.
  • CONLON, S. ; HOLYOAKE, D-D. (2013) Maximising capacity and creativity through coaching In: (Ed Jukes, M. Due for Publication June 2013)
  • HOLYOAKE, D-D. ; CONLON, S.  (2013) Discussing Evolution and the mutant self, UKASFP Conference 13, 14th June Paper.
  • HOLYOAKE, D-D. (2013) Once upon a time there was an angry lion: Using stories to aid therapeutic care with children,
  • Nursing Children and Young People, Vol 25, No 7, p24 – 27.
  • HOLYOAKE, D-D  (2014) At a Glance – Eating Disorders and Young People (Ed: Glasper, A: Due for publication late 2014).
  • HOLYOAKE, D-D. (2014) At a Glance – Aggression in Children and Young People (Ed: Glasper, A: Due for publication late 2014).
  • HOLYOAKE, D-D. (2014) At a Glance – Self-harm in Children and Young People (Ed: Glasper, A: Due for publication late 2014).
  • SHERWIN, S. ; CROSS, V. ; HOLYOAKE, D-D. (2014) The pride and the passion: Using poetic representations to reflect upon school nursing practice. British Journal of School Nursing, Vol 9, No 2, p25 – 30.
  • HOLYOAKE D-D. (2015) Disservice to Children, Nursing Standard, 29 (19):26-27
    HOLYOAKE, D-D; SEARLE, K. (2015) Cyberchondria: emerging themes for children's nurses in the internet age. Nurs Child Young People, Vol 27,(5):34-8
    HOLYOAKE, D-D. (2015) ‘Narratives, Fragments and the Archaeology of Authority’: Exploring Supervision Experiences of Professinals Working with Domestically Abused Mentally Ill Young People. International Journal of Social Work and Human Services Practice, Vol 3, No 2, p82 - 89


Currently Writing:

Research Handbook: A 12 Week Adventure Inc The Baudrillard Method. (Completion December 2016)

Kartoon Writing Handbook I & Book II. (Completion December 2016)

Solution Focused Practice. (December 2017)


Clinical & Therapy Child Focused Publications

www.adolescentunit.com (est. June 2003)

Key Titles: Child-Centred Publications

  • komic kapers (2001) The Adventures of Jed and Captain Complaint (12-pages) (digitalised 2005)
  • komic kapers (2002) Mr Therapy is Lord of the Liberty Things - Part I (8-pages) (digitalised 2005)
  • komic kapers (2002) Mr Therapy is Lord of the Liberty Things - Part II (8-pages) (digitalised 2005)
  • komic kapers (2002) Mr Therapy is Lord of the Liberty Things - Part III (8-pages) (digitalised 2005)
  • komic kapers (2002) Mrs Milieu and the Team Talk about Child Protection Code of Practice (2-pages) (digitalised 2005)
  • komic kapers (2003) Missing Persons: A Guide for Young People and Professionals (2-pages) (digitalised 2005)
  • komic kapers (2003) The Risk’s: A Story about Therapeutic Risk Assessment  (8-pages)  (digitalised 2005)
  • komic kapers (2002) Consent  (2-pages)  (digitalised 2005
  • komic kapers (2003) Mr Therapy Learns about Professional Boundaries (4-pages) (digitalised 2005)
  • komic kapers (2003) Audit, Standards and Clinical Governance (4-pages) (digitalised 2005)
  • komic kapers (2004) Little book of Audit  (digitalised 2005)
  • komic kapers (2004) Little Book of Bullying
  • komic kapers (2004) Little Book of Consent (a reworking of the original Consent, 2002)
  • komic kapers (2004) Little Book of Child Protection (a reworking of the original Child Protection, 2002)
  • komic kapers (2004) Justine & Dean discuss Confidentiality (4-pages: photo story)
  • komic kapers (2004) The Little Book of Brief Gillick Competency
  • komic kapers (2004) The Little Book of Parental Responsibility for Professionals
  • komic kapers (2004) The Little Book of Parental Responsibility
  • komic kapers (2005) Audit (an adult orientated service audit booklet)
  • komic kapers (2005) Little Book of Manchester Observation Levels
  • komic kapers (2005) The Manchester Book of 1:1’s


Highlights of Principal Research, Conference Work & Grants

  • Holyoake, D. (1999) Julies World. A synopsis of Goffman interactionism applied to the welfare and treatment of young drug users in Tier 4 CAMHS. Presented at the GP Conference, NEC, Birmingham.
  • Holyoake, D. (2000) Key Note: 10 Years After. An exploration of Tier 4 CAMHS (specialist drug services) in relation to recent Gov. Policy, drug action planning and service provision. APSA Conference, London.
  • Joint working with Clinigo Fund (60K) 3 month project and audit into service evaluation in independent  Tier 4 CAMHS (2001).
  • Joint working with Clinigo Fund (20K) monitoring and audit into skills implementation in independent  Tier 4 CAMHS (2002/03).
  • Ethnographic service evaluation for developing ‘blueprint’ Tier 4 CAMHS (2003) 3 month project.
  • Holyoake, D. (2004) Primary Session: Tier 4 CAMHS and the Ghost. How to develop a modern and sustained partner workforce in Tier 4 CAMHS within the independent sector. NHS Conference, Glasgow.
  • Dale, H. ; Holyoake, D. (2009) No Babies in Burton. Introducing the primary ethnographic themes of retention research. CPSE Conference (Creating Positive School Experiences), University of Wolverhampton. In addition: a successful funding bid from the CPSE in order to fund the continued expansion of this retention research – including the international conference presentations.
  • Dale, H. ; Holyoake, D. (2009) Primary session: A Girl Called Student. Continuing the retention research work, this formed Part II of the trilogy related to the development of narratives from practice. 4th European First Year Experience, University of Groningen, Netherlands.
  • Thain, J. D. ; Holyoake, D. (2009) Developing the interface between child and family health nursing: enabling pre Reg nursing students to meet contrasting needs. 9th International Family Conference, Faculty of Nursing, University of Iceland, June 2nd – 5th 2009.
  • Holyoake, D. ; Thain, J. D.  (2009) Solution focused family work: Tensions and contradictions in everyday health and nursing practice. 9th International Family Conference, Faculty of Nursing, University of Iceland, June 2nd – 5th 2009.
  • Holyoake, D. ; Thain, J. D. (2009) Narratives and storytelling as explanatory frameworks as precursors for effective family nursing interventions. 9th International Family Conference, Faculty of Nursing, University of Iceland, June 2nd – 5th 2009.
  • Thain, J. D. ; Holyoake, D. (2009) The wood and the trees: the family, the adults or the children?  9th International Family Conference, Faculty of Nursing, University of Iceland, June 2nd – 5th 2009.
  • Thain, J. D. ; Holyoake, D. (2009) The use of Facebook as a tool for collaborative learning and infinity! Celebrating e-Learning Conference, Institute of Learning Enhancement, University of Wolverhampton.
  • Dale, H. ; Holyoake, D. (2009) University Widower. Part III of the retention research. The development of systemic influenced ethnographic themes relating the personal changes experienced by first year students attending university. Education in the Changing Environment, University of Salford, UK.
  • Holyoake, D. ; Thain, J. D. (2010) Lecturers and students personal geographies.  Festival of Learning 30th 31st March  Edinburgh Napier University, Craighhouse Campus.
  • Holyoake, D-D ; Golding, E. (2011) Primary Session: Solution Focused Judo. Hong Kong, (July).
  • Holyoake, D-D ; Golding, E. (2012) Identity and Constructionism. Change in the Midlands (January).


Current Research (2009 – 2013) - Ethnographies

  • Episode I: Therapy Factories: Adolescent Units for Crazy Kidz (2012), The Happy Fool Press, The Pickled Walnut Press & The Concerned Carrot Press, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.
  • Episode II: The Small Town Counselling Industry: A Performance Ethnography about CAMHS Backward Madness (2012), The Happy Fool Press, The Pickled Walnut Press & The Concerned Carrot Press, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.
  • Episode III: Wendy and the Mysterious Nursing Franchise (2012), The Happy Fool Press, The Pickled Walnut Press & The Concerned Carrot Press, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.


(2014 – 2017) in addition to previously noted writing:

  • Acton Burnell’s Organizational Rhetoric
  • Rodney Sinclair’s Prognosis Pornography
  • Stephen J Scurlock’s Internet Dating
  • Sutton Maddock’s New Sexual Webentities

Occasional Insights:

  • Wheaton Aston’s Homo: Cryptic Memes Hidden in the Comments
  • Wrock Wardine’s Exploration in Pooh
  • Ditton Prior’s Pedo
  • Clee Hill’s Help the Aged

Academic & Clinical Contribution to Child and Adolescent Mental Health

  • Organisation of National CAMHS conference in partnership with APSA (The Association of Professionals in Services for Adolescents) London (2000), De Montford (1998). National CAMHS conference development as a committee member of QNIC (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005).
  • Co-developer and Director of the Priory Awards in Residential Adolescent Care (2001-2006).
  • Clinical and academic supervision of over 100 CAMHS professionals (2000 – to date).
  • Author of 'The Male Nurse': Addressing the myths of maleness in nursing (2001) Academic Publishing, Wiltshire.
  • Co - Editor of Book: Nursing inpatients with anorexia nervosa. (Published Jan 2001 – Reprint due 2012)(Holyoake. D. D. ; Pursey. M.) Academic Publishing, Wiltshire.
  • Co - Author Discussing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Nursing. (Holyoake, D. D. ; Fitzgibbon, S) APS Publishing, Wiltshire, UK. (Published 2002 – Reprint due 2012).
  • Author of ‘The Adolescent Unit: A Cartoon Handbook for Staff, Young people and their Families’. (2005) Academic Publishing, Wiltshire (Negotiating 2ndEdition 2012/2013).
    • Member of the RCN Adolescent Steering Committee:  Royal College of Nursing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Forum (Mar 97 - Aug 97).
    • Developer and Facilitator of Adolescentunit.com Online Social Network (2003 – 2011).
    • Elected representative on the Royal College of Psychiatry QNIC (Quality Network In-patient Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services) Steering Committee & Executive Board (November 2002 - 2006).
    • Active member of the National Association of Nurse Consultants in CAMHS (2004 – to date).
    • Healthcare Commission CAMHS Inspector (2006 – 2009) and Fulltime CAMHS Advisor (Sep, 06 – Mar, 07).
    • Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW) (2006 – 2009) Consultant and CAMHS Inspector.
    • ENB 603 (Clinical Nurse Specialist Post Reg Qualification in Child & Adolescent Mental Health) with 1st Class Honours (Jan 1999). Child and Adolescent Mental Health Nursing - Higher National Award - Clinical Nurse Specialist.
    • Observation and Interview research into the nature of nurse and child interaction (Steinberg Collection RCN, London) (1996).
    • Published child friendly literature including the development of kartoon kapers™ in Association with the Independent Healthcare Association. Non- profit publication in association with the Happy Fool e-press.
    • Clinical qualifications in child & adolescent pastoral, systemic and family work / therapy.
    • Management and development of 9 specialist adolescent units in the UK. Service development at a corporate level of tier 4 services for Priory Health Care. (Member of the Senior Management Team).
    • Regular contributor to Nursing Standard Reader's Panel since 1996: Nursing Standard (50+ columns).
    • Book & article reviewer for Nursing Times, Nursing Standard, Paediatric Nursing and Journal of British Social Work (since 2011) for almost 20 years.
    • Seminar and Conference contributions at Portsmouth University / University of Central England / University of Birmingham (post-doctoral & post registration nursing in CAMHS).
    • National and International reputation for CAMHS related advances at service and academic conference level.


Conference Presentations

  • Keynote on Solution Focused Brief Therapy National UK and Hong Kong

Previous professional experience

  • Psychotherapy Supervision
  • Senior Lecturer University of Wolverhampton
  • Inspector for Healthcare Inspectorate Wales
  • Clinical Advisor for Healthcare Commission
  • Lecturer /  Course Director at the University of Birmingham
  • Director of Nursing
  • Nurse Consultant
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Unit Manager of Specialist Drug and Alcohol Service
  • Staff Nurse / Community Nursing CAMHS
  • Staff Nurse