Dr David Boyda


Email address: D.Boyda@wlv.ac.uk Phone number: 01902 518508 Location: MC324 Faculty: Faculty of Education Health and Wellbeing School/Institute: Institute of Sport and Human Science Areas of expertise: Childhood / Adult trauma, Attachment, Psychotic experiences, Mental health, Suicidal behaviours.



David obtained his PhD in September 2015 at Ulster under the guidance of Professor Mark Shevlin and has conducted research examining the relationship between psychological trauma and the development of psychotic-like experiences and symptoms. David has published a number of research papers from his thesis and at present, continues to examine the environmental correlates associated with the experience of child and adult maltreatment and poor mental health outcomes. Soon after completing his PhD, David accepted a position with Ulster University as a post-doctoral researcher examining the mental health of military veterans and their families. During that time, David also began developing a strong interest in factors which may influence individuals to participate in suicidal behaviours (ideation, plan, gesture, attempt), and has successfully published in this area. 

Research interests

The focus of David's research spans many areas such as, childhood maltreatment including domestic violence in adults, factors which may influence suicidal behaviours, PTSD, epidemiology of trauma/suicide. David also has a special interest in research methods particularly Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) (Path Analysis, Latent Class Analysis, Latent Profile Analysis, Mediation including Logistic Mediation analysis). 

Current projects

Attitudes to Suicide Amongst First Responders
This project will examine the underlying factors which influence attitudes towards suicidality among this key group and is an important initial study in helping to promote positive interactions between patients and professional groups. 

Life course trauma and psychotic symptoms: Which typologies confer the highest risk of 12-month attempted suicidality?
This project examines the relationship between polyvictimization across the life span, psychotic symptomology and the risk of attempted suicide.

A study of childhood adversity, daily functioning and psychotic-like experiences.
Research has largely focused on the consequences of childhood trauma and the elevated risk for psychiatric disorders; relatively little attention has been directed towards the effect that these experiences may exert on maladaptive schemas and social functioning and how these may influence the expression of subclinical psychotic experiences. This study will attempt to examine said relationships using a community sample collected across the West Midlands.

PhD Students

Danielle Hitchens: The Role of Stressful Life-Events and Emotion Regulation in Self-Harm

Jules Marie Hammond: Can thwarted belongingness and perceived burdensomeness explain the relationship between Stressful Life Events and Suicidal ideation?


Membership of professional bodies

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA)



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In Review

Boyda, D., & McFeeters, D. (2016) Parental psychopathology, attachment and risk for suicidal behaviours. Intended for: the Journal of Psychiatric Research

McFeeters, D.,Boyda, D., O`Neill, S., Murphy, S, Bunting, B., Devenny, L. (2016). Gender, Suicidality and Lifetime Patterns of Service Use in Northern Ireland. Submitted to: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention

Further information


Boyda, D., McFeeters, D., Galbraith, N., & Hinton, D. (2016). Parental Psychopathology, Offspring Attachment Style and Risk of Suicidal Behaviours. Paper Presented at the Suicide and Self-Harm Early Careers Researchers Forum. The University of Glasgow. UK.

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Boyda., D. (2016). University of Wolverhampton. Early Researcher Award Scheme, £5000.