Mrs Chris Lyle

Award Leader for the Masters in Public Health

Email address: Phone number: 01902 321184 Location: Wolverhampton Faculty: Faculty of Education Health and Wellbeing School/Institute: Areas of expertise: Public Health and Violence


Chris Lyle is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Health and Well-Being at the University of Wolverhampton. Chris is the Award Leader for the Masters in Public Health and has developed strong links with domestic violence services within the local area in order to raise the profile of domestic violence as a public health issue both nationally and internationally.

Through her research, Chris brings specialist knowledge and experience in the area of domestic violence management and resources. She has specialist knowledge around organisational responses to domestic violence prevention and their impact upon policy development. Chris has conducted two evaluations of Perpetrator Programmes within the West Midlands area and has presented these findings both to local domestic violence organisations and at national conferences. Her methodological expertise lies within evaluative research methods and the development of audit tools, policy and documentary analysis, literature review and critical discourse analysis.

Chris has many years of experience in both teaching and researching the area of  violence and its impact on Public Health. She has developed specific modules focused on the impact of violence in health and social care within the School of Health and Well-Being and has been instrumental in including aspects of child related domestic violence into programmes such as School Nursing and Health Visiting. She has actively encouraged students to focus on domestic violence as a public health issue for their post-graduate research studies.

Chris also has an extensive knowledge of research ethics and has acted as a member of the School of Health and Well-Being Ethics Committee.


Master of Arts Women’s Studies

UNIVERSITY OF WOLVERHAMPTON                     1995

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Social Sciences 

WOLVERHAMPTON POLYTECHNIC                      1991



Post-Graduate Certificate Education (HE)



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Previous professional experience

Senior Lecturer                   1995-2001    Staffordshire University

Nurse Tutor                        1993-1995    Staffordshire College of Nursing

Unqualified Tutor                1992-1992    Staffordshire College of Nursing

CPN Liaison Officer              1990-1992    St Georges Hospital, Stafford

CSPN (Sister)                     1986-1990    New Cross Hospital

Staff Nurse                         1981-1986    New Cross Hospital

Student Nurse                     1978-1981    New Cross School of Nursing