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PhD Studentship Opportunity

The University of Wolverhampton is the ‘University of Opportunity’, committed to developing students and staff who are entrepreneurial, eminently employable and well-connected within a research and professionally informed environment. We have invested heavily in new research leadership positions over the last two years and now want to develop a new generation of academics who share our values.

The University’s Centre for Research and Development in Lifelong Education (CRADLE) is part of the Institute of Education’s overall Research strategy and was created through a partnership with the Institute for Learning (IFL). CRADLE focuses on research into policy and practice in post-compulsory education, on effective strategies for continuing professional development, on the quality of learner experience, and on equality, diversity and widening participation in lifelong learning. Find out more about CRADLE Studentships. 

Case studies in sports science and medicine

Case Studies in Sport Science and Medicine

This book, edited by by Prof Andy Lane, Prof Gregory Whyte, Dr Richard Godfrey and Dr Mike Loosemore, is now available on Amazon and covers the full range of sports science and medicine in a number of different sports. Andy Lane has put together a YouTube video giving an overview of the authors and the book. 

University obesity expert appears in media

Jane Deville Almond is chairwoman of the British Obesity Society. She has recently featured on BBC Radio 4 and her comments around obesity and occupational health have featured in articles on BBC News, as well as OHAssist and Royds Solicitors websites. Jane comments that "If employers suddenly have to start ensuring that they've got wider seats, larger tables, more parking spaces for people who are obese, I think then we're just making the situation worse."

School in Ramallah‌‌

Education researcher undertakes reviews of teacher education institutes in the Middle East for UNRWA

John Traxler's recent work with UNRWA in the Middle East has involved a review of two teacher education institutions, one in Amman and one in Ramallah, that support the supply of trained teachers for UNRWA schools. These schools and the 22,000 teachers in them are responsible for the primary education of nearly 500,000 children in camps and communities across Syria, Jordan, West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon. The review looked at management and governance, curriculum and pedagogy, facilities and estate, market needs and relations with host country regulatory environments. Recommendations based on the review will make the institutions more effective at delivering progressive teachers in a volatile political and security environment and a worsening economic situation in the region.

Tracey Devonport consulting patients

University researchers consult patients about research design around emotional eating

Dr Tracey Devonport and Dr Wendy Nicholls have been talking to patients at Birmingham Community Health Care trust and Sunderland NHS trust about their experiences of emotional eating. Engaging patients in the design of research projects and funding bids is critical in ensuring that the research we undertake is of value to patients and practitioners. Initial discussions were aimed at finding out if patient experiences fit with existing theory and research on emotional eating. On-going discussions with these two patient steering groups are assisting with the development of a funding bid to be submitted to the NIHR along with contributions to further research.

How to be a smarter emoticon user

Cyberpsychologist Dr Chris Fullwood talks about the Psychology of emoticons in this article in NY Magazine

Demystifying Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

Andy Lane and former University of Wolverhampton Reader, Dr Garry Palmer, gave a free talk on the psychology and physiology of endurance performance at the Virgin Active Health Club Lichfield recently. Prof Lane made his talk available to watch online

Influence of limb dominance on unanticipated cutting manoeuvres

This paper by Alexander Dallaway and Adam Hawkey was delivered at the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) Biomechanics Interest Group at Manchester Metropolitan University in April 2014. Thge University of Wolverhampton hosted this conference in 2013. The paper explores the influence of dominant and non-dominant limb injury rates on side-step cutting manoeuvres in. Read more about the paper in the BIG conference proceedings (PDF)‌. 

Lesson observations: To grade or not to grade...

This article in SecEd features statsistics from CRADLE's research project for the University and Colleges’ Union (USU) to highlight that practitioners do not feel that lesson observation grading is not essential for improving teaching. Read the full article

Brendan Bartram published in first online issue of British Journal of Educational Studies

Brendan has published his article 'Emotion as a Student Resource in Higher Education' in the British Journal of Educational Studies. The article offers a critical examination of students’ emotional bargaining in higher education, revealing an amalgam of socio-cultural and educational factors and identifying the particular importance of a neo-liberally inflected climate. Read the article online.

Masters in 'Leading in Lifelong' Education launched

This new Masters qualification is due to start in October 2015 and draws upon current and ongoing research in CRADLE. This programme provides the FE workforce with targeted, context-specific programmes of study at postgraduate level. Find out more at the Institute of Education CPD pages.

Can I run myself happy?

Tracey Devonport, PhD Student Chris Fullerton, Marcia Blake, Wendy Nicholls, Chris Sellars and Andy Lane have co-written chapters in a book called “A runner guide to sport psychology and nutrition”. The research group have made resources available for free via public engagement uk in a project titled “Can I run myself happy?”. The authors offer data and strategies to say how that could happen!

Open space principles

Researchers launch Open Space Technology product 'Spacify' with local digital agency

Karl Royle has worked with local digital agency Horbury & Goffe to create an online tool for setting up and managing Open Space Technology events. Karl has successfully used this event format with academics, businesses and even schoolchildren to facilitate idea generation and development. Spacify is currently free to sign up and use. 

Reconceptualising Well-being: Social Work, Economics and Choice

This article by Graeme Simpson and Ani Murr has been published in Culture Unbound. It examines the intersection of well-being, agency and the current political and economic structures which impact on social work with adults. Read the article online

Institute of Education creates new MA in 'Leading in Lifelong Education'

This new Masters qualification is due to start in October 2015. The course draws upon current and ongoing research in CRADLE and will provide the FE workforce with targeted, context-specific programmes of study at postgraduate level. The programme is designed to support those who are new to Masters’ Level study as well as those who already have Level 7 credits as part of a previous postgraduate qualification (e.g. PGCE (M)) and opportunities for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) are available. For further information about applying for this MA, please visit the Institute of Education CPD pages.

Social Networking in Cyberspace conference (SNIC 2015)

The Institute of Psychology's CRUW research group (Cyberpsychology Research at the University of Wolverhampton) will be hosting the 3rd Social Networking in Cyberspace conference on 3-4 September, 2015. with keynote speakers Professor Tom Buchanan, Professor Adam Joinson and Dr Grainne Kirwan.

Call for Abstracts: Potential presenters are invited to submit abstracts for the conference. The submission deadline is Friday 3rd of July 2015. Poster presentations are also welcome.

Rob Smith and Matt O'Leary at Edge Foundation Research Conference

Rob and Matt presented a paper on 'Vocational Pedagogy – policy fad or practitioner-focused?' exploring practitioners’ views of vocational pedagogy against a background of renewed interest in this areas. One key finding was that policy around vocational pedagogy risks excluding practitioner voices and is in danger of presenting an overly prescriptive and decontextualised picture. Secondly, the pastoral and “human” qualities of vocational tutors seem to be valued more highly by both practitioners and students – and to have more impact – than the “technical” aspects of pedagogy that so much of the literature focuses on.

Karl Royle HeadStart Open Space

Karl Royle delivers Open Space event with Wolverhampton schoolchildren

Karl Royle is working with Wolverhampton City Council's HeadStart programme and has delivered an Open Space Technology event to help local children have and develop project ideas around the use of media and technology to support issues of resilience. Karl is also acting as an advisor and evaluator on the project. 

Alan Nevill continues prolific rate of publication

In terms of publications, Prof Alan Nevill continues his prolific rate of high quality and high volume research. Alan works with several co-authors, including recently, MRES student Kerys Harrop, who has been accepted for publication, with an expected December publication date. Prof Nevill’s work has been cited 11000 times by other authors; an outstanding record – see his Google scholar profile.

Prof John Traxler leads mobile learning project for ITU

Prof John Traxler is leading an international team for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on a publication on mobile technology, informal learning and workforce development. The publication is to be a groundbreaking handbook on how mobiles can be effective tools for skills development and lifelong learning. 

Can I run myself happy?

RCSEP staff have been productive disseminating research to the public by getting in the press. Staff in RSCEP have a passion for running and researching factors about running. They have published a number of articles and held a workshop on running in 2011. This work is now summarised on the National Centre for Public Engagement website.

Safe and Respectful Inclusive Schooling (SARIS)

A transnational meeting of HEI and NGO representatives from Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Portugal, UK, Greece, Turkey, Finland and Romania is scheduled to take place from 25th to 27th November 2014 at Priorslee campus. The meeting will support the creation of a European network called Safe and Respectful Inclusive Schooling (SARIS). The network will be dedicated to addressing sexual bullying and aggressive heteronormativity in European secondary schools. The meeting is a collaboration between CeDARE and CHSCI. 

International Association for Dance Medicine and Science

The annual meeting took place in Basel, Switzerland. Staff, students and graduates from the University of Wolverhampton presented over 15 papers on topics ranging  from nutritional supplementation to how balance correlates to dance to performance to designing a new dance pedagogy for vocation dance institutions.  It also provided an opportunity to meet up with our overseas PhD students in Dance Medicine and Science.

CeDARE submits final research report for play @ home evaluation

The team submitted the report for the evaluation of the reach of the early years programme, play @ home, among vulnerable families to the commissioner, NHS Health Scotland, at the end of March 2014. Based on focus groups and interviews with 69 parents in eight areas across Scotland, the report and its findings will be publicly available shortly.

Why are our leisure activities so competitive?

Dr Richard Metcalf provided expert comments in an article in The Telegraph on exercise and leisure. He asserts that technology is one of the key drivers of change in the sports industry, particularly the impact of wearable technology. Read the full article online.  

Allez Wiggo!: The representation of elite British cyclists in the media

Two members of the Sport Culture and Physical Education (SCAPE) research group, Dr Mark Groves and Dr Gerald Griggs have had a paper published (International Journal of Sport Communication) and another accepted (International Review for the Sociology of Sport) examining how elite British cyclists such as Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome have been represented in the British print media during their respective successes in the Tour de France. 

Prof Andy Lane in video on the science of penalty taking

Prof Andy Lane recently teamed up with former England manager Glenn Hoddle, England International Matt LeTissier and Professor Greg Whyte OBE to contribute to a 4-video programme on the science of penalty taking. In the video Prof Lane talk about how players manage their emotions and goes through suggestions from research findings. View the video

Creative Classrooms workshop

Creative Classrooms Lab project holds first peer exchange workshop

25 teachers from 8 countries gathered in Brussels in March 2014 for the Creative Classrooms Lab project first peer exchange workshop. Image shows the peer exchange workshop taking place.

Challenges in maintaining emotion regulation in a sleep and energy deprived state induced by the 4800km ultra-endurance bicycle race; the Race Across America (RAAM)

This article by various authors, including Prof Andy Lane, appears in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine. Access the article online

Does our personality explain why we use Social Networking Sites?

A recent paper published in the Journal of Computer Mediated Communication by Dr Lisa Orchard (University of Derby) and Drs Chris Fullwood, Niall Galbraith and Neil Morris (Institute of Psychology) explores the link between personality types and our motivations for using social networking sites. Read the full article online.

Workshop and networking event for Psychologists in Weight Management NHS Network

Dr Wendy Nicholls hosted this event which was attended by clinical, counselling, health and research psychologists from across the country. At the event Wendy presented findings from her recent report to advise practitioners in weight management on the screening tools, and questionnaires that are suitable for use in their clinics. The group discussed the recent commissioning guidelines on weight management and also heard from guest speaker, Prof Andy Hill, who is Professor of Medical Psychology at the University of Leeds and internationally recognised for his research on weight management. The event was well attended by students from the Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, who welcomed the opportunity to network with colleagues from within the profession, and discuss their research plans. Thanks to Natalie Ryles, Marie Gildea, Carol Cullen, Claire Parkes, and James Banks for their help in running the event.

Evaluation of a Twelve-month Coping Intervention Intended to Enhance Future-Oriented Coping in Goal Oriented Domains

This article by Dr Tracey Devonport and Prof Andy Lane details the effectiveness of an intervention designed to help adolescent players cope. It is published in the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology.

Changing the culture: beyond graded lesson observation

This article featuring Dr Matt O'Leary appears in Adults Learning Spring 2014 and discusses the issues surrounded graded lesson observations. Read the article at the NIACE website.

How to cope with riding across America?

Ian Lahart led a large research team that included Prof Lane and two former University of Wolverhampton staff members (Prof Greg Whyte OBE and Dr Mat Wilson) that investigated sleep patterns and emotion in a team doing the ride across America. They recommend that anyone considering undertaking should look at not only how effective we are managing our own emotions, but how effective we are at managing other people’s emotions.

Wakeful rest alleviates interference-based forgetting

This article by Dr Tom Mercer was recently published in the journal 'Memory' and suggests that newly formed memories can be protected from forgetting by a short period of wakeful rest. View the article online.

User Involvement in Mental Health Services: A Case of Power over Discourse

This article by Dr Lydia Lewis appears in Sociological Research Online.

Cyberpsychology conference held on 8th May 2014

The Institute of Psychology's Cyberpsychology research group (CRUW - held an afternoon conference on the 8th of May, 2014. All PhD students in CRUW gave talks on their most recent research projects. New senior lecturer in Psychology Dr Alison Attrill presented a talk on the non-academic applications of cyberpsychology research and CRUW coordinator Dr Chris Fullwood discussed the link between personality and online impression management. Visiting speaker Dr Lisa Orchard (University of Derby) presented on her research investigating the Facebook experience through Q methodology.

What Next for Teacher Education?

Professor Diana Burton recently attended a British Education Research Association seminar hosted by Lord Puttnam at the House of Lords. The seminar, entitled ‘What Next for Teacher Education?’, was led by national figures including the General Secretary of the NUT, Christine Blower, and focused on BERA’s major report finding about the value of conducting teacher education within research-rich environments, whether in schools or university settings. All the speakers endorsed the finding, noting that the recent Carter Review of Teacher Education had also recognised the value of research to initial and continuing teacher education. However, Sir Alastair Macdonald, former Head of Morpeth High School, stressed the difficulty for teachers attempting to research their practice in the punitive accountability culture that is prevalent within many schools as a result of our results-driven, OFSTED-dominated education system. Lord Puttnam opened the event with the provocative contention that, whereas Medicine was completely reinventing itself all the time and had transformed itself within the past 100 years, within the same period, education had remained largely unchanged with the teacher-pupil relationship still generally being that of expert-novice. He decried the fact that our education and school system has, to date, hugely under-exploited the potential of technological applications to improve pupil learning. It is notable that he expressed the same frustration with the House of Lords’ ability to embrace technology!

Diana is a longstanding member of the British Education Research Association and was recently invited to join BERA’s Risk Assessment and Audit Committee. She can be contacted at

Mutual Recovery through Creative Connection project highlighted as community-university case study

The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement has highlighted Lydia Lewis' AHRC-funded project on mututal recovery as a positive community-university partnership. In the article Clare White (WEA project partner) gives an overview of the project, how it came about and how each partner benefits. Read the full article online.

John Traxler Conference

Mobile and Social Technologies: Trends and Practices which are Revolutionising Education

John Traxler recently presented in Mexico City to 2300 delegates about how technology has changed the way that education is taught and transmitted. The full video of the presentation is available at the Innovacion Educative website.

Prof Lane's work at UKactive Research Institute leads to highly influential article on exercise as medicine

Published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, “Death by effectiveness: Exercise as medicine caught in the efficacy trap!" suggests there is need for exercise to demonstrate its effectiveness. The article concludes “it is Sport Exercise Medcine researchers who must play the leading role. A commitment to conducting rigorous effectiveness studies might be critical if SEM is to avoid the inexorable decline into an early grave!” RSCEP continue to work with the UKactive research institute of developing such projects. Read the article online

The use of mobile technologies to improve healthcare education in Kazakhstan

Dr Daniyar Sapargaliyev from Almaty Management University has been awarded a Post-Doctoral Mobility Grant under the British Council Researcher Links programme to work with us over 2 years on an innovative mobile technologies project. The grant is a part of the Newton–Al-Farabi Partnership Programme

Sport researcher part of a British Psychological Society funded project 'Motivation Emotion Thinking & Action'

Prof Andy lane is working on this project, which is a collaboration between the University of Wolverhampton, University of Limerick, and Queens Belfast. A series of workshops are planned with the first held at the University of Wolverhampton in February 2015 (find out more). The next workshop is held at the University of Limerick at the end of April.  Before this meeting, Andy Lane, Ian Lahart and Ross Cloak will attend the Irish Institute High Performance meeting where Prof Lane gives a key note on emotions. 

Is FE ‘mature enough’ to scrap lesson grades?

This TES article features comments from Dr Matt O'Leary and deals with the hot topic of graded lesson observation. Matt states that for many managers graded lesson observation is a convenient means of controlling and disciplining teaching staff, but is seen as a pointless exercise by many teachers. Read the full article online

Home from home?: A case study of the first year settlement experiences of EU migrant nurses working in one NHS Trust

A research team led by Dr Magi Sque has received funding from Health Education North West to undertake this 18-month study to be carried out at New Cross Hospital, Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust. 

asbae logo

Neil Duncan delivers keynote at ASBAE project conference

Ths ASBAE project deals with 'Addressing Sexual Bullying Across Europe'. The project's conference took place at Leeds Becket University on 28th January 2015 and was attended by international project partners, as well as teachers, psychologists, counsellors, parents, youth workers and carers. Neil's keynote was entitled 'Sexual Bbullying and Schooling Processes'. Find out more about Neil's work on sexual bullying in his research profile. 

Mini-Conference showcases research Doctoral student research 

Welcome to the Doctorate in Counselling Psychology Annual Mini Conference. The conference is an opportunity for the second years to share their research ideas with their peers, academic staff, and the first years. We hope that the event generates interest and discussion between the trainees and academics. It is also an introduction for the first years to showcase the research that we do on the course, and to help them find an area of their own interest. Download the Psychology mini-conference programme (PDF) to see an overview of all presentations. 

John Traxler publishes book on Mobile Learning & Mathematics

This new book 'Mobile Learning and Mathematics' by John Traxler and Helen Crompton (Old Dominion University, Virginia) provides an overview of current research on how mobile devices are supporting mathematics educators in classrooms across the globe. The book contains lots of ideas and strategies for mathematics teachers, as well as a strong theoretical background. Find out more at the Routledge website

Matt O'Leary features in The TES FE Podcast Episode 19

In this episode Sarah Simons chats to teacher, author and education researcher Dr Matt O’Leary. Matt tells Sarah how policy on classroom observation is changing and the potential sector-wide implications. Listen to the ful podcast online.

Sport researchers present at national conferences 

Dr Gerald Griggs was a keynote presenter at the PE and School Sport Subject leaders conference in December. Prof Andy Lane and Prof Greg Whyte presented at the UKactive conference on getting the nation active in November. Both Prof Lane and Whyte are members of the UKactive research board and recently contributed to a controversial report on the relative inactivity of the nation and attempts to increase activity.

SIRCA III programme for emerging researchers with Nanyang Technological University

Prof John Traxler is a senior collaborator on this programme for emerging researchers, working wih a global group of partners. The project will develop multi-disciplinary research themes around Open Research, and create teams of senior researchers to investigate each. These teams will develop conceptual frameworks for Open research, which will then form the basis for field research in developing and priority countries in the next phase of the programme. View all project collaborators at the SIRCA website.

Tour de France

With Froome out, how Team Sky is moving smoothly through the gears of plan B

In this article at 'The Conversation', written during the Tour de France 2014, after the departure of Chris Froome and Mark Cavendish from the Sky team, Andy Lane speaks about coping, self-control and focus. Read the full article online

Aberrant Beliefs and Reasoning (Current Issues in Thinking and Reasoning)

Niall Galbraith is editor of this book which bring together chapters seeks to examine the role that biases in reasoning can play in the formation of aberrant beliefs. An aberrant belief is extreme or unusual in nature. In the most serious cases these beliefs cause emotional distress in those who hold them, and typify the core symptoms of psychological disorders. Each of the chapters in this volume  Find out more at the Psychology Press website

University of Wolverhampton, Institute of Education to host researcher links workshop in Almaty, Kazakhstan

The University of Wolverhampton will host a three day workshop from 11th to 13th February 2015 entitled 'Implementing mobile learning in Kazakhstan: Combining British experience and Kazakhstan possibilities. The workshop has been organised in collaboration with Almaty Management University and is being funded by the British Council. The workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners in mobile learning and participants will discuss the latest developments in their research.  

Finding a Needle in a Haystack: Toward a Psychologically Informed Method for Aviation Security Screening

This publication by Coral Dando (University of Wolverhampton and Thomas Ormerod (University of Sussex) features in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. The article stems from a study in the use of veracity testing over behavioural indicators of deception and has been covered and reported on n the Washington Post, Science News, and LA Times. You can read the full article online.

Leading figures in education appointed as Professors

Two eminent figures in the field of education have been appointed as Professors at the University of Wolverhampton. Alan Tuckett was Chief Executive of the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) from 1988 to 2011 and launched the annual Adult Learners’ Week. He is currently President of the International Council for Adult Education, and advises UNESCO on lifelong learning. Peter Lavender is the former Deputy Chief Executive at NIACE, leading on research and development, and is currently an Academic Coordinator at the Open University for the education doctorate there.

This new book on women and alcohol use is edited by by FEHW Research Associate Dr Patsy Staddon. This book also includes a chapter by CeDARE Research Fellow Dr Lydia Lewis on the subject of adult community learning. With contributions from service users, academics and practitioners, this is essential reading for those studying addiction, gender and the social background to alcohol problems. The book is to be published next year by Policy Press and can be ordered at a 20% discount rate from

Gerald Griggs to deliver keynote speech at Physical Education Subject Leaders Day

Dr Gerald Griggs will be delivering a presentation entitled 'Out with the Old and in with the New?’ Comparing the New and Old Physical Education Curriculum' at this event organised by Coverntry Solihull & Warwicjshire SPORT. The day is designed to support schools on increasing the provision and quality of PE and School sport.

Oil & Gas UK Joint Industry Project: The Size and Shape of offshore workers

Professor Alan Nevill has been working as a consultant on a prestigious research project for the UK Oil and Gas industry UK. The project involves quantifying the space requirements in sitting and standing, when wearing a survival suit, standard clothing, and form fitting clothing.  It also involves a timed egress task, simulating a dry escape through the window of a helicopter, which will enable the study team to identify critical anatomical dimensions to predict helicopter escape.

British Council Researcher Links Workshops

John Traxler has been successful in securing a British Council Research Links workshop for early career researchers in technology enhanced learning to take place in Kazakhstan. He is also involved in another successful bid to this programme with a partner in Mexico. 

Vitamin D

Recent research from the Physiology, Performance and Health Cluster has demonstrated the benefits of vitamin D supplementation for indoor athletes and dancers. Working closely with British Judo and Birmingham Royal Ballet they have demonstrated how supplementation for athletes and dancers who are vitamin D deficient improves muscle function and reduces injury incidence.

Spiky Clyde is no wallflower, but has he got staying power to help define games’ legacy?

This article by Dr Gerald Griggs provides insight on the mascots and imagery surrounding the Commonwealth in The Conversation. Spiky Clyde the Thistle was designed by 12-year-old Beth Gilmour from Cumbernauld and selected from over 4000 applicants. 

Graded lesson observations are a major cause of stress for FE teacher

New research recommends alternative methods of assessment for further education professionals including peer review and student feedback. This article in the Guardian Education features comments from Dr Matt O'Leary. View the article online.

Laura Serrant Krakow

12th Congress of the Polish Nurses Association

Professor Laura Serrant, Queens Nurse from the University of Wolverhampton gave a keynote address at the 12th Congress of the Polish Nurses Association. Professor Serrant was invited as one of the first international speakers at this event. Her presentation entitled “Championing the Science and Art of Nursing: A call to Action” celebrated the achievement of Polish nurses past and present, whose work drives the development of nursing as a community and hospital based profession. The Congress which took place in Kracków from 12-14th June 2014 was attended by Grazyna Wójcik (President PNA), Professor Jacek Majchrowski (President of the City of Kraków), and Senior Representatives from The Ministry of Health. The Congress was held under the patronage of Mrs. Anna Komorowska, the wife of the President of the Republic of Poland. Click the photos to enlarge.(Photos courtesy Mark Treacey). Watch the event video on YouTube. Laura features at around 2 minutes.

Prof Andy Lane to chair and present at the UKactive National Summit

This break-out session is entitled ‘Nudging’ to get active: The science of behaviour change. Professor Andy Lane, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the UKactive Research Institute, is chairing with Michael Hallsworth (NESTA), Dr Louise Atkins (UCL) and Professor Jeremy Wyatt (University of Leeds). The National Summit 2014 takes place on Thursday 13th November 2014. 

New intervention for public speaking anxiety being trialled at the university

Seyla Dogan and Wendy Nicholls are trialling this new intervention, which is the first of it's kind, and draws on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which has been used successfully with a wide range of issues including health anxieties and stress. This is open to staff and students at the university. If you are interested in finding out more, or participating in the intervention, please contact Seyla at

Laura Serrant Radio WM

Prof Laura Serrant appears on BBC Radio WM

Laura appeared on BBC Radio WM on 22nd June 2014 as part of the BBC national programmes about the 66th anniversary of Empire Windrush. She spoke about Caribbean nurses' contributions to the NHS.

Final project report published for University and College Union (USU)

The project 'Developing a National Framework for the Effective Use of Lesson Observation in Further Education' undertaken by Matt O'Leary captures the views of thousands of UCU members and represents the largest and most extensive account of teacher observations to date. 

Subject Teaching in Primary Education

This book co-edited by Patrick Smith and containing chapters by Sue Fawson, Paul Gurton, Balbir Ahir and Carol Wetton provides clear guidance of good practice in Primary teaching. Purchase the book online.

Research with bereaved families: A framework for ethical decision-making

Prof Magi Sque and Dr Wendy Walker with Tracy Long-Sutehall (University of Southampton) have published this article in Nursing Ethics in March 2014. 

Research team awarded NIHR funding to undertake emotional eating research

A cross faculty team of researchers led by Dr Tracey Devonport and Dr Wendy Nicholls have recently been awarded a small grants fund from the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) to undertake Patient, Carer and Public involvement in the development of a larger Research for Patient Benefit bid to the NIHR. This bid will focus on an examination of emotional eating among binge eating disordered individuals in receipt of NHS weight management services.

Researchers at Arsenal

Researchers present at discussion at Arsenal

Prof Andy Lane, Ross Cloak and Dr Chris Beedie presented at a roundtable discussion on the sports science and performing under pressure (see photo above) at the Emirates Stadium Arsenal.

Regional nursing experts attend landmark summit

Twenty regional experts in nursing attended a summit at the University of Wolverhampton to discuss ways of addressing health issues in the West Midlands. The meeting brought together leaders in nursing research from the region’s universities for the first meeting of its kind in the UK on Friday, 20 June 2014. The Summit Meeting for West Midlands Nursing Professors explored how the experts can work together to address health issues and increase research within the region. The event at the University of Wolverhampton Science Park also included the re-launch of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) West Midlands branch of the Research Society. Read the full article.