Impact Highlights

This blog highlights impact and successes stemming from FEHW research and enterprise activity, showing how our reach extends across the UK and beyond.

PhD Student Seminar

Improving leaders’ and practitioners’ ability to develop collaborative initiatives and learn from each other

This case study shows impact from research into the leadership of collaboration in educational organisations. This has resulted in outputs which have impacted how leaders and practitioners work in partnership; design joint professional development and evaluate and sustain collaborative working.

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Exercise Running Machine

Exercise and quality of life improvements in different populations

This case study illustrates how novel research materials have achieved impact through use of findings in professional practice, formulation of health-related policies and in the development of new indicators of health and well-being. Research has been used by international and national health-services, industrial establishments, national governing bodies, and professional bodies.

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Organs and tissues for human transplantation: Seeking to increase deceased donation through informing public debate and influencing healthcare policy, education and practice

This case study describes the impact of Sque’s programme of research into the psychological and social concerns that impact organ/tissue donation and family members’ end of life and post mortem decision-making.

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Higher Education Students

Transforming teaching in higher education – making it inclusive

This case study focuses on developing an inclusive culture; changes in academic development programmes; and influencing policy on inclusive learning and teaching in higher education. Our work has influenced how staff reframe their understanding and practice involving diverse students. This has reshaped CPD and influenced UK policy on inclusive learning and teaching. 

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Undergraduate Students

Improving performance through the management of mood

This case study focuses on self-help materials to aid people feel and perform better. It has achieved impact through raising awareness via mass media and professional outlets. Self-help materials are available for open access via media links, academic organisations, service organisations, commercial organisations, national governing bodies, and professional bodies.

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Computer research

Research to inform prevention of child deaths and serious abuse and neglect

This research comprises a UK comparison of child death review policy, development of a Scottish evidence base and a comparative study of child death review across six countries. The research has had an impact on public policy to protect children and stimulated international, national and local policy debate.

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