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Karen BillIn this area you can find links to the wide variety of research and innovation taking place within our Faculty. Use the links below to visit and explore our five research centres/departments and the research clusters they support.

The Faculty supports over 450 academic staff who are supported to engage in research, as well as over 30 dedicated research staff, including Professors, Readers and Research Fellows. Our teams are at the forefront of research and practice in their subjects and make a direct impact in many ways. We have over 240 doctoral students, many of whom are studying for a Professional Doctorate and making a direct impact in their workplaces. It's an exciting time to be in the innovative and enterprising areas of Education, Health and Wellbeing.

Karen Bill, Associate Dean for Research and Enterprise

Research PhDs To Get You Noticed

The Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing supports the ground-breaking research of over 240 doctoral students in Education, Health, Social Work and Social Care, Sport and Psychology. Our research community is diverse and dynamic. We work with local, regional and international students from across the world on a diverse range of research fields. We welcome applications from graduates wanting to develop themselves, their area of interest and their careers.

What does a PhD involve?

PhD studies are typically conducted by completing a research thesis full-time (usually in three years) or part-time (usually six years). PhDs are theoretical research projects seeking to advance knowledge or understanding of a subject to inform further research, education and policy. They can cover a wide range of subjects – learn more by watching our videos online at:

What support will I receive?

You will be supported throughout your PhD programme by a team of supervisors; academics usually from the faculty who provide guidance, critical appraisal and expert advice from the start of your studies until completion. You will also be supported by a wide range of skills events and PhD workshops designed to support your research and build a PhD community.

Professional Doctorates

In addition to our PhDs, we also offer three taught professional doctorates in Education, Health, and Counselling Psychology which combine the robustness of a PhD with application to a professional area of practice. Research projects in professional doctorates are typically ‘applied’ and theoretically focused within a shorter format.


Student loans for PhD programmes have been confirmed in the UK government’s 2016 Budget announcement. Following the confirmation of £10,000 Master’s loans for 2016, £25,000 doctoral loans will be introduced in 2018. This announcement will be welcome news if you are considering a PhD with us.

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This blog highlights impact and successes stemming from FEHW research and enterprise, showing how our reach extends across the UK and beyond.

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Have you used our research?

We are very interested in finding out more about who is downloading our research and how it is being used. If you have used any of our publications, papers or reports, whether in your studies, in practice or in any other way, we would like to hear from you. Please contact

Our research centres and departments

CeDARE Research Centre

Centre for Developmental and Applied Research in Education (CeDARE)

CeDARE is now in its sixth year and has a developing reputation with central and local government, schools, a range of agencies, community organisations and practitioners for high quality research.

Visit the CeDARE website

CHSCI Research Centre

Centre for Health and Social Care Improvement (CHSCI)

CHSCI is a multi-disciplinary research centre set up to promote excellence in health and social care research and enterprise and to support and enhance care sector education, practice and service provision.

Visit the CHSCI website

CRADLE research centre

Centre for Research and Development in Lifelong Education (CRADLE)

CRADLE was formed in 2013 in partnership with the Institute for Learning (IfL). The centre focuses on research into further education policy and practice, with a particular emphasis on the early years of a teaching career.

Visit the CRADLE website

RCSEP Research Centre

Research Centre for Sport, Exercise and Performance (RCSEP)

RCSEP was established in 2005 to recognise research achievements within sport, exercise and performance. All academic staff within the sport and leisure disciplines are attached to one of the research clusters.

Visit the RCSEP website


Research in the Institute of Psychology

Research in Psychology focuses on numerous applied and theoretical areas including: health, counselling, cognitive, cyberpsychology, forensic and investigative, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Visit the Research in Psychology website