Post 16 Outreach (Sixth form and college)

For Post 16 students we offer support at Careers Fairs, Conference Days, BTEC Curriculum support, state of the art facility access and applicant days.

We offer schools and colleges the opportunity to visit the University, where they are able to access equipment which would not otherwise be provided in a school setting. As well as visits and tours of our facilities we also offer taster sessions, which include:

Psychology Poster Conference Day

Our Psychology Poster Conference Day emphasises research skills and is well suited to students who are currently learning about research methods and statistics. Students are asked to run an experiment on exam stress and collect some data for subsequent analysis. Afterwards, they work in small groups to create a scientific poster based on the experiment. This involves reading the literature, thinking about the research methodology, analysing data and drawing conclusions based on the findings. The group that creates the best poster receives a small prize. In addition, students are given a short tour of the research facilities and take part in a variety of psychology activities and demonstrations (In a Psychology Lab).

Becoming a Teacher through University 

An interactive lively session on the sorts of qualifications, skills and personal qualities that a person needs to become a teacher in primary, secondary, further or higher education, with the emphasis being on teaching in schools rather than college or university.

So you want to be a Nurse? 

'So you want to be a Nurse?' is our biggest annual Nursing event for schools and colleges. The event has been very well-received since its debut in 2015 and it has certainly become one of our most successful outreach events at the university. The day involves interactive activities, highlighting the key roles and responsibilities that nurses have, along with the chance to take part in some of the practical's and take a tour of our Nursing skills labs. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested to gain an insight into the world of nursing and the different areas of work available in this sector.

Secondary Sportfest

Secondary Sportfest is one of our biggest annual series of events for students in Year 10-13. It is a great opportunity for secondary students to take part in a range of activities and sessions involving Sports leadership, sport and exercise practical's and plenty more!