Why Sport and Physical Activity?

Courses in the Institute of Sport are both evidence-based and vocationally relevant, providing skills for jobs in many different fields. Several of our courses have been developed with, and are endorsed by, professional bodies such as The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences, The Register of Exercise Professionals, and Sports Coach UK.

The Institute has also developed significant links with industry to provide placement opportunities such as bursaries at Walsall FC, and clinical placements at Russell Hall Hospital. Many students also undertake work placements or volunteering in schools, leisure centres, gyms, and local sports clubs etc.

In addition, there are opportunities for students to undertake additional coaching and leadership qualifications alongside their studies to enhance their career prospects.

Career opportunities

If you want to pursue the scientific side of sport, you could move into postgraduate studies and research in universities or for national sports organisations.

The move towards the concept of wellness and preventive care has opened up new opportunities within healthcare, for example as GP referral advisers or rehabilitation assistants


Some graduates go on to become lifestyle consultants, fitness instructors and personal trainers, often working on a freelance basis through large public or private health/leisure facilities.

Graduates have also gone on to train as physiotherapists and sports therapists, exploiting the knowledge of anatomy, physiology and psychology gained through their degree.

Sports development

A career as a sports development officer is always a popular option, either increasing participation in sport through education, leisure or community projects, or by working for national and regional governing/development bodies for sport. 

Your employability

Sport degrees also enhance a range of recognised employability skills such as teamwork, self-discipline, problem-solving and personal presentation

These can be used to gain employment in careers not specifically related to sport, such as with the police, fire service or armed forces.

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Plus, we offer Sports Achievement Scholarships to gifted and dedicated students, worth up to £3,000 over the duration of a course.