Meet our PhD Students

This page shows details of our PhD in Sports students and their research areas:

Student NameResearch Title / AreaDirector of Studies
Habiba Amjad Perceived factors that influence a hybrid identity through sport and physical activity amongst British Asian Muslim females living in the United Kingdom Dr Kay Biscomb
Christine Bergeron The Effectiveness of Pilates and on Abdominal Endurance and Its Overall Impact on Dance Training Prof Matt Wyon
Belinda Bowd Behavioural regulation and exercise identity amongst middle and older adults using self-selected goals and implementation planning in a university work site twelve week exercise intervention  Kay Biscomb
Janine Bryant The Aging Dancer – Spinal Range of Motion Prof Matt Wyon
Frances Clarke Static and dynamic balance within dance populations Prof Matt Wyon
Craig Corrigan The social impact of sport development: effective monitoring and evaluation of the outcomes of participation Dr Richard Medcalf
Adam Dwight A Case Study review of The Equality Standard for Sport Dr Kay Biscomb
Tania Amorim Fernandes Bone health of ballet dancers: a multidisciplinary approach Prof Yiannis Koutedakis
Jessica Guerreiro Exploring the role of food as an emotional regulation strategy among community samples Dr Tracey Devonport
Clare Jackaman Attitudes, awareness, motivations and behaviours of user groups on Cannock Chase AONB Crispin Dale
Jade Jackson Evaluation the Black Country in Motion Prof Andy Lane
Sofie Kent Performing under pressure – managing emotions Dr Tracey Devonport
Nicolas Kolokythas Strength and conditioning in young elite ballet dancers Prof Matt Wyon
Sharon Mcintosh Dalmedo

Can school based sport and exercise interventions influence body image in adolescent girls?

Dr Tracey Devonport
Petros Ntinas Function and activation of human brown adipose tissue Prof Yannis Koutedakis
Rickesh Patel Relative Age Effect in Academy Football Prof Matt Wyon
Carol Southall Does a sense of Cultural Awareness improve Visitor Satisfaction? Crispin Dale
Joyce Storm

The relationship between injury incidence and performance during the progress through adolescence and growth spurts in elite vocational dancers. 

Prof Matt Wyon
Panagiotis Vitalis Physical Activity and Rheumatoid Arthritis Prof George Metsios