Nursing Mentors

Mentors have a central role in supporting and assessing students in practice.   All mentors must meet the requirements of the NMC Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in Practiceand are accountable for :

  • Organising and co-ordinating student learning activities in practice.
  • Supervising students in learning situations and providing them with constructive feedback on their achievements.
  • Setting and monitoring achievement of realistic learning objectives, and devising action plans as required
  • Assessing total performance – including skills, attitudes and behaviours.
  • Providing evidence as required by programme providers of student achievement or lack of achievement.
  • Liaising with others (e.g. mentors, sign-off mentors, practice facilitators, practice teachers, personal tutors, programme leaders) to provide feedback, identify any concerns about the student’s performance and agree action as appropriate.
  • Providing evidence for, or acting as, sign-off mentors with regard to making decisions about achievement of proficiency at the end of a programme.

This web resource is designed to provide you with access to range of resources to support you in your mentoring role.   It will also contribute to your ongoing professional development, and mentor updates.

As a general guide to the information that can be accessed from this page

The Student Allocation link will direct you to e-vision where you can access the relevant online reports.

Mentor Update materials will supplement formal mentor updates, and depending on local arrangements may be worked through to substitute for face-to-face updates.

The Resources link contains useful guidance and external links to develop your knowledge of the midwifery programme, for example the course outline and professional requirements; mentoring role, student support and staff contact details.

The Suitability link contains information related to the fitness to practice procedures and guidance about social networking sites.

The Quality Assurance of Practice Learning link provides information and access to E-Vision for both the Educational Audit and the Student Evaluation feedback.