Tamara Chimiak

Tamara is a third year BSc Mental Health Nursing student at the University of Wolverhampton. Prior to commencing the course, aged thirty-seven, Tamara had spent her adult life balancing parenting her son, with working in third sector organisations. Her passion for delivering principled, compassionate nursing care, which aims to challenge stigma, foster hope and empower each patient in their own unique recovery journey, stems from personal experience: both as the mother of a child with disabilities and as a former mental health service-user herself, following an episode of severe postnatal depression, aged nineteen.

Tamara, having left school with four GCSEs, has worked exceptionally hard academically and is predicted to achieve her ambition of a first class honours degree, she is a committed member of a student nurse experiential group and has competently applied her enhanced self-awareness and theoretical knowledge to her clinical practice placements, receiving outstanding mentor testimonials.

An enthusiastic student, who intends to become a motivational nurse leader, she holds particular interests in the care and treatment of children and adolescents, patients with forensic histories, and those diagnosed with a personality disorder; she also has professional developmental interests in talking therapies and the ethical dimensions of psychiatric nursing.