Health & safety when working in the clinical skills labs

Our skills labs are set up to give you the feel of a real clinical environment and so we expect staff and students working in these areas to practice the same health and safety requirements that would be seen in a real clinical setting.  

Our skills lab code of conduct

We have a code of conduct for students which sets out your duties and responsibilities to yourself and others when working in the labs.  We expect our students to comply with this code at all times. 

Code of Conduct (PDF)

Video recording of skills

We also use the SMOTS (TM) 24-hour CCTV-like recording systems for learning and teaching purposes.  We use these in a variety of ways to give you feedback on your skills development. It is important that users of our skills labs understand how we use this equipment responsibly and we have a policy governing access to the recordings and how we use the information recorded. 

Scotia Medical Observation & Training (SMOTS) Policy and Procedures (PDF)