Concepts in Dementia Care (7HW060)

The Concepts in Dementia Care module brings a contemporary perspective to the interdisciplinary care and treatment of service users diagnosed with dementia across the age ranges, and their carers and families from the point of diagnosis through to end of life care. It will enable course participants to:

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of Dementia in relation to how it is assessed and how diagnosis is established
  • Critically analyse issues surrounding the treatment of this syndrome focussing on promoting positive care and treatment pathways following dementia diagnosis
  • Critically evaluate the socio-political construct of dementia and how these impact on care provision.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Dementia as a socio-political construct and a critical analysis of how this impacts on care delivery with contributions from service users and carers Carer lived experience
  • Medical Assessment and Diagnosis of Dementia as a syndrome focussing on 3 D’s Dementia, delirium, depression
  • Symptoms and sub types of dementia
  • Psycho-educational strategies for service users and their carers
  • Cognitive assessment – how to promote and maintain cognitive functioning and positive behavioural treatment approaches
  • Critical appraisal of pharmacological approaches to Dementia Management – risk vs. benefits
  • Critical analysis of the legal and ethical framework of dementia care including capacity issues, safe guarding and risk assessment
  • Health strategies for the prevention of dementia
  • The cultural impact of dementia across ethnicities
  • End of life care for people with dementia
 Module details
Module code 7HW060
Credits 20
Duration Sem 1
Module leader John Holmes

001902 518896


Dates 26.9.18, 3.10.18, 10.10.18, 17.10.18, 24.10.18, 31.10.18
Time 0900 - 1600 hrs

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Campus Walsall
Prices 2018/19 £699.55

Subject to a minimum number of confirmed students

Delivery dates subject to confirmation.

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