Theory into Practice for Emergency Practitioners (Minor Injury) 6HW071

This module addresses the critical need to apply theory to practice in the emergency and urgent care setting with reference to patients presenting with traumatic injury or undifferentiated illness. This builds upon the theory learned during the minor injury module for emergency practitioners. The support of a clinical mentor/s is essential to achievement of this practice module.

The module must be undertaken with 6HW067 Minor Injuries for Emergency Practitioners and not as a stand-alone module. For further information please contact the module leader.

Module details
Module code 6HW071
Credits 20
Module leader Jim Bethell
Tel 01902 518833

Please see 6HW067 dates as these modules are taught together.

Launch date is the same as 6HW067

Price 2017/18


Subject to a minimum number of confirmed students

Apply for this module 2017/18