SLAiP Mentorship (Taught) 6HW049

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To undertake the SLAiP Mentorship module you MUST have the support of a LIVE PRACTICE-BASED MENTOR who will be accountable for supporting, supervising and assessing you in your clinical practice area over the 12 weeks of the module.

This module aims to equip you with the skills to support learning and assessment in practice. It will contribute to your development of expertise as a mentor in recognising individuality, equality and diversity in order to address adverse issues in all aspects of teaching, learning and assessing encounters.

The module fosters personal and professional growth in preparation to exercise professional accountability using professional knowledge, judgement and skills to confirm whether learners have met agreed standards of proficiency and are fit to practice.

Level 7 SLAiP is also available. Details of the dates and times can be found on the 7HW106 SLAiP (Level 7) web page

 Module details 2017/18
Module code 6HW049
Pre requiste NMC registration. Qualified for a minimum of 12 months (12 month experience post qualification is an NMC standard)
Credits 10 at level 6
Duration Semester 1, 2 or 3. (12 week course)
Module leader Julian Barratt
Tel 01902 323367 or 07970 879195

These are some comments from previous SLAiP Module students.

  • Thoroughly enjoyable
  • All lecturers have been helpful and supportive
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the course with Mary as our tutor. She is very helpful, approachable, supportive and very knowledgeable.
  • I feel the way in which the module was set up over the few months was a great way to incorporate the course with full time.
  • The module was interesting and lecturers supportive throughout the course
  • Very much enjoyed module, been a while since I’ve done any academic work, really eased me back into it. Will continue my degree now through Wolv uni, Thank you!



**  The dates on this page are the only ones you need to attend University to complete this module. Please ignore the start dates on any automated emails received. **

Semester 2 - City Campus

23.1.18, 6.2.18, 27.2.18, 20.3.18, 24.4.18

Semester 2 - Walsall Campus

24.1.18, 7.2.18, 28.2.18, 21.3.18, 25.4.18

* The midwifery workshop is 9am - 12 noon Thursday 19th April 2018,  Walsall campus with Pak Hung, Senior Lecturer, Midwifery *

Semester 3 - Burton Campus

15.5.18, 5.6.18, 19.6.18, 10.7.18, 31.7.18

* The midwifery workshop is 9am - 12 noon Tuesday 17th July 2018, Walsall campus with Pak Hung, Senior Lecturer, Midwifery *

Time 09.00 - 16.00 hrs
Room Room information will be published at the end of August. Please click the link below for more information.
Price 2017/18 £282.51

Subject to a minimum number of confirmed students

Further information for applicants:

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  • Prior to submitting your application, if you are being funded via your Trust, please ensure funding has been approved and you have submitted your relevant study leave documents.  Applications will only be approved once we have received confirmation from your trust education training department.  
  • Once your application has been approved, an offer will be sent to you via e-mail.  Please ensure you meet any conditions that apply to your offer to ensure your place on the course.   
  • Please take note of the campus you applied for and the dates and times for the sessions (as above)
  • Upon confirming your offer, please note that further information about the course/dates/times will not be provided as they are all listed above.

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