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Study days and short courses

Welcome to the programme of lifelong learning opportunities available from the Institute of Health Professions. Our expert staff offer a programme of exciting study days and short courses designed to meet your personal and professional learning needs. From enhancing your knowledge or providing you with valuable new skills, you will find that choosing from our broad range of high quality study days and short courses is the ideal way to meet your continuing professional development requirements.

With academic staff from a variety of practice backgrounds, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to teaching. As healthcare professionals ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to keep up to date with the political and professional changes that influence care. We therefore ensure that our programme continually evolves in response to the latest evidence, guidelines and reports relevant to health. Whether you are a nurse, doctor, allied healthcare professional, healthcare support worker, carer or simply have an interest in health, psychology or social care you will find something to interest you.

Through close partnerships with leading healthcare providers and by working closely with employers, we ensure that every study day and course that we offer is relevant, innovative and contemporary.

Study Days and Half Study Days (Non-credit bearing)

We offer a range of study days which reflect topics of interest and importance to health. Each day is facilitated by an expert who will lead an exploration of the evidence for best practice. You will participate in a workshop to determine how best practice is implemented within your own sphere of practice, and identify potential opportunities to improve the provision of care. These study days will facilitate networking and enable you to debate contemporary practice. Each study day will meet the requirements for CPD.

Find out more about Study Days (schedule coming soon)

WOLF Bites (5 academic credits)

For those who would prefer to receive academic accreditation, we have developed a range of study days, known as 'WOLF Bites', which include a piece of written work designed to provide academic evidence of your learning. Each day is facilitated by an expert who will lead an exploration of the evidence for best practice and enable you to apply theoretical learning to your practice.

At the end of the study day we will introduce you to your WOLF Bites Learning Space – this is a virtual environment where you will follow a programme of directed reading and learning activities. Following a set schedule over 6 weeks, you will be allowed to submit a piece of work for assessment. If successful, each study day will award you with a nominal 5 credits; following completion of 4 such study days and the associated work for each, you will be eligible to receive 20 academic credits which may be counted towards an course at a later date.

WOLF Bites (schedule coming soon)

Professional Forum Evenings

We offer a programme of quarterly updates which are designed to provide a forum in which healthcare professionals may discuss professional practice issues. The Professional Forum will facilitate networking among fellow professionals and enable you to debate contemporary topics of interest and importance.

Professional Forum Evenings (schedule coming soon)

Online Study

As well as our local students, we also welcome students from much further afield, many of whom benefit from our growing range of online distance learning opportunities.

Online Study (schedule coming soon)