Natasha Manyuira

Course: PGCE Post-Compulsory Education (adult literacy)

"I studied at the University for my undergraduate degree and I knew that the university has an excellent School of Education especially for PCE training.

"I gained so much support from my workshops and tutorials. I was engaged in deeper learning as a result and I enjoyed the work involved on the course.

"I have received lots of support from my lectures and they have been great in developing me from being shy and nervous to confident and strong.

"Yes [I was made to feel comfortable and welcome] – whenever I needed the help it was readily available. I did not feel left out and my tutors and colleagues accommodated me.

"I am very impressed with the technology and facilities the college has to offer. The clean and modern look is very attractive and the state of the art technology was a fantastic resource in supporting my studies.

"We took a trip to HMP Hewell in Worcester to witness how literacy is taught in such environments. We observed in three categories of the prison D, C and B (the higher the category, the more secure the environment). This was a highly educational trip which enlightened me on prison literacy teaching. I would definitely recommend such a trip to following teachers as it opens opportunities to different styles of teaching.

"[Managing time and workload] was tricky, but I managed through planning my lessons and essays in flowchart form to organise my ideas first and then I would work from there. I would normally spend weekdays working on assignments and weekends lesson planning.

"I made great friendships whilst on the course. They kept me going and vice versa. In my opinion, in order to complete a PGCE you will need the help and support of others and I greatly appreciated that. My impressions of the surroundings of Walsall campus are a clean and peaceful suburb.

"As mentioned before, I was rather shy and timid and when I first started, I could not even begin to comprehend how I was going to teach a class! Nonetheless, the activities and training we were given combined with literally the experience of taking my own classes has massively increased my confidence and self assurance. The PGCE course has been a very positive experience for me."