Mary Hassett

Course: PGCE Primary Education

“I decided to go into teaching because it was what I wanted to do from an early age. I then chose the University of Wolverhampton, because Ofsted gave it a grade A and I wanted to come to England for a different experience. I’m originally from Ireland so I thought it would be a great opportunity.

“The staff are very supportive in everything that you do, whether you have a big or small problem you can come to them and they are very helpful. You can email them and they get straight back to you or you can have a meeting with them.

“The lectures are so helpful. A wide variety of information is given about primary teaching. The library has a huge amount of resources and there is WOLF (the Wolverhampton Online Learning Framework) and that’s fantastic. You can download all of the resources from the internet.

“My [placements] were fantastic. The first one was only for four weeks and the last placement was for eight weeks. I really enjoyed the last placement, because it gave you a real feel for teaching. So the longer the placement the better feel you have for the children and the experience and your confidence grows with that each day.

“The [school mentors] were excellent. They had been very well trained. Any information or advice you needed they gave to you and their feedback was fantastic.

“The workload is very large, but you could always call your course friends and go out. You need friends when you have a heavy workload to take your mind off it. Also, any questions you have on any assignments you could go onto the forums and chat to each other about them and answer each others queries.

“Definitely come to Wolverhampton. It’s a fantastic university. Be ready for the work. It’s a fantastic experience and you’ll really enjoy it”