Laura Nixon

Course: PGCE Post-Compulsory Education

"I chose the University of Wolverhampton as it is close to home and the course was recommended to me.

"The theory has aided and complemented the work that I have done at placement. Also there is a strong work ethic at the university that as a student body we share ideas, work together as a team, and particularly on the course, help each other by sharing resources. There is a sense of community in the tutorials and workshops that makes for happy and productive learning.

"Lecturers and support staff at the university are there to help and there is always somebody willing to help. You are made to feel part of the uni and the sense of equality between staff and students embodies the work environment.

"There is always a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the university. If somebody is unable to help you, they will always point you in the right direction. The Walsall campus also feels very welcoming and hospitable given its small size and open-plan working areas.

"The facilities and working areas are modern, spacious and conducive to the work that has to be done. In particular, theĀ Education and TeachingĀ building is extremely comfortable to work in and provides plenty of work areas. I have never once struggled to find a computer to work on at the university.

"One of the best things about the PGCE course is the way in which it helps you to improve your time management. I found the library and the work areas in WN the most useful and aimed to either arrive at uni early or stay a little bit later in order to manage my time effectively. One of the main points with any university course is to ensure that you make time for yourself as well as completing work. We were provided with one study day per week which I used in order to ensure that my weekends were usually kept free. This helps with time management, stress levels and getting through the course in general.

"The strong sense of friendship that I have taken from this course is partly down to the diversity of the PGCE and the structure of the course programme. We are encouraged to discuss, debate and work in the working areas as a team.

"This course does not let you not grow in confidence. We have been encouraged throughout, and the nature of our tutorials and workshops has meant that we manage our time both independently and cohesively. The variation in delivery of the course has meant that at times I have been pushed out of my comfort zone but this has been something that has meant I have improved in confidence and developed as a person and a teacher.

"I will be working full-time as a lecturer of English at Halesowen College in September."