English Booster Course

English Booster  Dates TBC (July) 2018 

All sessions will run 10am-1pm & 2pm-4pm both days at the Walsall Campus.

Indicative Topics Covered 

Day 1-3

  • Group introductions.
  • What linguistic and grammatical knowledge do English teachers need? / The place of grammar in the current curriculum -introduction to the National Curriculum / Notions of “correctness” / Relationship between descriptive grammar and prescriptive grammar - notions of technical accuracy / Grammatical concepts in relation to pupils’ writing and speech / Grammatical implications of non-standard varieties.
  • Subject audit.
  • An introduction to Word Class: nouns; verbs; adverbs; adjectives; prepositions; conjunctions/connectives; determiners; pronouns (and self-study round these on-line); there will be particular attention to verbs: tense, conjugation, finite and non-finite forms, transitive and intransitive, participles, modals.
  • Clause and Sentence Structure: simple; compound; complex; phrase; clause; coordination; subordination/subordinate clause or phrase; prepositional phrase; the role of connectives/conjunctions; subject; object –direct and indirect/adverbials and predicates; complements; sentence construction in pupils’ work—ensuring progression; sentence punctuation; splice commas/semi-colons and colons; text types. 

Day 4

  • Approaches to developing pupils’ spelling skills; morphology; etymology; strategies for approaching spelling development; common errors in pupils’ (and trainees’!) work; suffixing rules, phonics, apostrophes.

Course Fees

Internal applicantsExternal applicants
£75 £250

Please note you are classed as an internal applicant if you will be undertaking your ITE course (PGCE, School Direct Salaried, School Direct Training) with the University of Wolverhampton or a University of Wolverhampton School Direct partner school.

How to pay

Course fees are payable through the University of Wolverhampton's secure e-store facility which you will be directed to through a conditional offer. Types of payment accepted are Visa, Maestro, JCB, and MasterCard.

Further information

There are no bursaries avaliable for this course.


Contact: For further details or to discuss any aspect of SKE provision please contact the SKE Administrator at ske@wlv.ac.uk