Post-Compulsory Education (PCE)

You could inspire the next generation of learners! At the Institute of Education we offer teacher education and continued professional development courses for both pre-service (new to teaching) and in-service teachers (those currently teaching in the Lifelong Learning sector) for both undergraduate and postgraduate level applicants.

The Lifelong Learning Sector includes teaching professional and vocational qualifications to ages 14 plus. Many teachers and trainers in this sector have lots of practical experience in their specialist area. Our courses provide the underpinning theoretical knowledge and support the development of your teaching skills.

Qualifying as a Post Compulsory Teacher allows you to teach in areas such as:

  • Sixth Forms
  • Further Education (e.g. Colleges)
  • Adult and Community Learning institutions (e.g. Local Council provision)
  • Adult Training and Education in industry and commerce
  • Higher Education
  • Adult Training in public sector services such as the NHS, the police, and social services.
  • Academies.

Our innovative programmes provide the accreditation needed to take on a full teaching role. Our initial teacher education for further education is Ofsted rated Grade 2: Good (March 2013).

Got a query about Post Compulsory Education teacher training? Visit the PCE Teaching Frequently Asked Questions page, which contains answers to the most common queries that we receive.

Pre-Service Routes (Full-time)

These courses are applicable to those not currently employed in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

Don't take our word for it, find out what ParamjitLauraKate and Natasha (Eng./Lit) think of these courses! 

A new government scheme means you may be eligible for a bursary of up to £25,000 if you are looking to teach maths or English. 

Bursary levels1st class degree2.1 degree2.2 degree3rd
Mathematics £25,000 £25,000 £25,000 £9,000*
English £9,000 £4,000 No bursary No bursary

* Must hold at least a B at A level Maths. Trainees will not be entitled to this bursary if they are also entitled to a higher education bursary based in degree class. 

Find out more, including the eligibility criteria, for Further Education teacher training Bursaries

In-Service Routes (Part-time)

If you are a practising teacher in the post-compulsory sector the following part-time options are available to you. 

The CertEd and ProfGradEd (DET) routes for current teachers is offered by and taught at our partner colleges. Applications for this course should be direct to the college of your choosing. View a list of colleges and their contact details.

The course (DET) was formerley known as DTLLS

General Teacher Education Information

View our Preparing for Initial Teacher Training Application and Interviews advice document.

Preparing for your teacher education programme

There are many ways that you can prepare for teacher training. We have put together a list of things that you can do and courses that you can take to support your application.

To research teaching in the post-compulsory sector further, visit the following web site The Institute for Learning (IfL)

Career prospects

Our programmes will support you to begin to generate the evidence required for your application for Qualified Teacher Learning & Skills (QTLS) status.


For any enquiries about our post compulsory courses please e-mail