Inter-Student Mentoring Scheme

The doctoral mentoring scheme has been designed to enable doctoral students the opportunity of supporting their fellow students. 

The mentoring system is in three tiers, where students in the middle of their studies have been assigned to be mentors to students who feel they need a mentor at the beginning of their studies. Additionally, students who are towards the end of their studies can mentor those in the middle to support them with the experiences they are going to encounter.

Matching mentors to mentees

Each mentoring match has been sympathetically linked so students who have either similar topics, methodologies or type of doctorate being either PhD or Ed D have been matched.  Once the mentoring link has been established it is then the decision of both the mentor and mentee how often they meet and their chosen form of communication being either via email or in person. 

Their relationship is kept confidential within the department and is only known by the student representatives. 

So far the mentoring scheme has been well received by the students and it is seen as a way we can communicate and support each other, whilst undertaking our independant studies.